May 6, 2012

Project: Codecasa 50S C120

Codecasa is currently building its first 50 meters open super sport yacht: the newest 50s, hull C120. Similarly to the previous Codecasa 45S, Framura 2 which owners commissioned the 50S, this new model set to be delivered in 2013 will be able to offer excellent performances in matters of speed, thanks to her two KA.ME.WA. water jets and central booster which will make her be able to reach an approx 28 knots of top speed at light displacement.  Cruise speed is 18 knots and which a range of 1000 nautical  miles is possible.  Similar for the 45S, Codecasa 50S will be provided of a Ship Dynamics from Australia anchor stabilizing gyroscopic system, which will increase the comfort on board. Andre Bacigalupo is the naval architect who designed the bottom and the external lines. The interiors is made by designers and architects Anna Maria and Franco Della Role who worked strictly in collaboration with the Owner’s personal architect, and presented six guest suites, and five crew cabins.

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