April 20, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 2 of 5

We continue the journey into the construction phase of the Galeon 420 HTC.  Again this construction showcase of hull one of the Tony Castro designed 420 HTC shows the upper structure which will be the major difference along with the aft deck of this model to the 420 Fly. While last time we showed the preparation of the tooling, today we present the release and the finalization of the first mold.  The 420 HTC will be a fully enclosed sport  cruiser or as the initials say a hard top coupe.  At aft it will have a patio door which opens or closes all as the weather permits, or the owner desires.  At top it will have an opening electric sunroof.  Its main living area will be on the main deck, with all sleeping accommodation located below. Tony Castro and the Galeon team made the 420 HTC to share look and have a quality feel as a  baby version of the much acclaimed 700 Raptor model, the ex Polish builder flagship from a couple of years ago.

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