April 9, 2012

Engine: Steyr SE236E40 231hp

Steyr Motors has successfully redesigned its 6-cylinder generation and to present it to us. The renown Austrian Diesel engine manufacturer Steyr Motors keeps track with its own slogan “Innovation with lightness” and has successfully redesigned its 6-cylinder series during the last 18 month. After an intensive test period the production started in January 2012 and MO became SE.  Compared to the MO-series the new SE 6-cylinder series appeals not only due to its stylish appearance!  The all new SE-series is based on there inforced Monoblock-design which is more than ever the key for a robust and durable operation under highest load conditions. The Monoblock received redesigned intake channels and this together with the upgraded high-pressure multifuel Unit Injector results in a significant improvement of the efficiency, in some models and load conditions up to 30 %.  The SE Series will be available in five units from 120 up to 231hp.  The above unit is the SE236E40,  delivering 231hp at 4100 rpm.

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