March 22, 2012

Project: VZ 58

VZ shipyard from Venice, Italy is one of the small respected builders which grew its fame in the eighties, and nineties here thanks to the success of 18 model.  An 18 meter motor yacht presented in 1993 and designed by Nuvolari Lenard, which was one of the design firms first and most successful jobs.  Story is the 18 stayed in production for fifteen years replaced by the 64 in 2007.  The VZ 58 is a development and replacement of the 2003 launched 16 later renamed 56 model.  So far we can only show rendering for this model.  New upper structure window present a more modern line, while the view windows in the middle suggest that the 58 might have a full beam cabin. Still though I want be so sure of that, as VZ has always been a yard which first looks at the bottom of its boats and then on accommodation.  Semi customization has also been a selling point to VZ, and considering they build only from two to five boats a year they are a tailor made yacht.  I have boarded a few 18 models and most had different layouts from three large cabins, to four or five room versions.  The 16 was less a custom model, altough if you browse in brokerage sites you see differences mostly in wood choices between the versions.

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