September 1, 2011

blogger - the Tour

It was may be Pershing which started this officially in 2007 with the 72, but now it seems to be a habit followed by other builders.  Azimut followed it with a long range trial involving half the Med sea of the 74 Magellano, and Ferretti Group did it again with Easea Show last year which involved three yachts; Pershing 64, Itama Fifty Five, and a Riva 52 Rivale.  On the other side of the Atlantic things also got moving and Hatteras and Brunswick also toured the East Coast from North Carolina to the Miami show with the Hatteras 60 Quad Zeus featuring four ZF Zeus pod propelled engines. 
For 2011 it was three builders, a British, Italian and a German who shaken up things; Fairline, Sessa, and Greenline. 
The British Fairline did a tour with a 58 Targa Gran Turismo which also featured an unedited silver colored hull.  The tour involved parts of the South of Spain, Balearic Islands and will finish in the South of France prior to the Cannes boat show. 
Sessa on the other hand did a more challenging job, which involves Italy, Balearic's, and South of France with hull one of the new 45 Fly.  The tour started up in end of July and will finish in August also in Cannes prior to the official debut of the model at one of the most important shows.
Greenline also toured the Italian West Coast with the GL33 starting from a harbour in the center near to Rome and ending in the Ligurian coast in San Remo on July.
As I said last year in another Blogger post, this to me is a very innovative concept and it is cool to see more builders follow the boat touring idea, showing it in a marina near you, and discussing with interested parties on the spot.  It is also, and here may be lies the most important note a more intimate way to show a boat, and discuss with clients, away from the hustle and bustle a show or a normal exposition brings.

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