May 30, 2011

Improve-it = Absolute 70

For 2011 Absolute has established important updates on its 2008 launched flagship 70 model.  These new updates to the Absolute 70 improve both the technical and accommodation areas.  The Absolute 70 model year 2011 as presented in the fall of 2010 will in fact offer the following six improving updates.  A wider garage that can accommodate a larger tender.  Renewed helm pilot seats replaced with new models that are more ergonomic made by dark skin and supported by elegant columns with electric movement.  The entertainment area television is to  be supported by an elegant cabinet that houses the audio-video equipment.  Layout of the central bathroom, combined with the cabin of two single beds, has been revised to make this toilet wider and more refined.  On the last change which is certainly the most important for the 70 of the 2011 year is that it will be available with a twin engines IPS propulsion choice, along the known quadruple 435hp.  The 70 in fact is to be equipped with the new third generation Volvo IPS propulsion 1200 series with D13 900hp engines.  This option will surely make the Absolute 70 more popular but also delivers an important increase in performance which now gives a 33 knots max, and a cruise of 27, versus the 31 and 25 knots as offered by four by IPS600 units. 

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