March 3, 2011

Engine: Cat C6.4 505hp

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems is pleased to announce the development of the Cat C6.4, a new marine diesel engine platform for the pleasure craft industry. The C6.4 will provide industry-leading performance in the power range of 335 to 505hp with the latest innovations in high technology, including common rail fuel injection. Designed specifically for the pleasure craft industry, the new engine is a compact, powerful and user-friendly solution for customers seeking maximum performance with decreased engine noise and reduced emissions. Featuring a 3400 rpm rated engine speed, the C6.4 is a vee-configuration, 8-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with 98.2 mm bore and 105 mm stroke displacing 6.4 total liters. The C6.4 offers four “E” level ratings, including the highest rating, which is 505hp at 3400 rpm. Additional ratings available include 450hp at 3400 rpm, 380hp at 3400 rpm and 335hp at 3400 rpm. Production is targeted for the first half of 2012. The C6.4 meets current exhaust emission regulations including U.S. EPA Tier II marine recreational craft limitations, the EU 94/25/EC recreational craft directive and is IMO II compliant. The engine is also capable of meeting future U.S. EPA Tier III marine exhaust emissions requirements. Reduced engine noise is achieved through innovative design in the two-piece CGI cylinder block, combining the bed plate and block casting to provide additional stiffness and subsequently lower operating noise. The High Pressure Common Rail fuel system also provides quieter performance through the pilot injection of fuel and integration of Piezo technology to eliminate electro-mechanical control solenoids. The new engine model will be manufactured in the Wimborne Marine Power Center, located in Wimborne, United Kingdom. Standard equipment on the C6.4 includes a built-in oil cooler, centrifugal water pump, self-priming sea water pump, low profile oil pan, top access to service oil level and oil fill locations as well as a single Cat heavy-duty spin-on high efficiency oil filter. The engine is equipped with an automatic fuel priming pump, 12V DC electric accessories and a solid-mounted Cat 70-pin electric plug-in connector for yacht control harness. The new C6.4 is fully compatible with the Cat Multi-Station Control System and MSCS II components for shift and throttle integration and Cat helm displays, including the Color Marine Power Display.

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