November 20, 2010

Project: Baia 24.5 Sevolution

So far this new style of new generation hybrid hulled Explorer style yachts seems to have mostly involved only the large groups as Ferretti or Azimut, so seeing Baia a family yard which produces about thirty boats a year coming with the 24.5 Sevolution innovative project is a reply to all these excuses from some other builders. This is not the first time that Baia thinks out of the box as the South Italian Neapolitan builder has also in the past launched other innovations. Indeed Baia was the first company to use the now famous Arneson surface drives commercially on the B50 in the early eighties, and to invent a removable hard top system for its 48 Flash in 1998. 24.5 Sevolution thinks further featuring an other innovative unedited hybrid hull shape coming from Italy which joins displacement, semi-displacement and planning characteristics all in one. To create this Baia collaborated with the Federico II university of Naples. Not sure if 24.5 is the size here, as Baia on its website article talks for for two yachts of 26 and 29 metres with project speeds of 22 knots max, 18 cruise, and best economy at 16 knots. Various options will also concern to the fitting out from the fore deck, to the flybridge which can be used as entertainment or to stow up to two large private water craft tenders. Baia also speaks of a novelty to what concerns the interior volume where a house style fitting out should be possible. Power to this one deck explorer Super Yacht will be a diverse solution of diesel engines, electrical power, and solar panels with pod propulsion from ZF or the Volvo IPS system to be used. Now the bad news in this very interesting project is that Baia says it will concentrate the 24.5 Sevolution line to only bigger super sizes of 24 metres plus, which considering the recent success the other Italian builder has had with a new fifteen metre model will surely be a lost chance to them.

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