July 27, 2010

Project: Vismara MY68 Navetta

Vismara is an Italian builder located in Tuscany town of Lucca province of Viareggio which started its adventure first as dealer for the renowned Baltic Yachts built in Finland, and then as one off builder of unique Sail boats which later on moved to the Power world. So far Vismara has build two motor boats the 16.59 m Bwave which was the first, and the 28 MAS. Vismara also helped Buzzi build the 80 Record thanks to its knowledge of high technology construction. The MY68 Navetta is testimony of Vismara will to embrace more the motor boat market and is a build for a Spanish client who came to Vismara after seeing the 16 metre Bwave. This particular client wanted a ship like motor yacht with military looks of sixty feet, which then it evolved to a 66 and now to the MY68 Navetta. In this project we see a lot of the themes which Alessandro Vismara praises for like light weight fast construction saving thirty per cent in displacement and weighing at about 30 tons. Navetta which means Ship, might just be the case here but think of it as one coming from the future. The hull of MY68 Navetta is in fact unusual for a ship with a deep Vee shape so this is a very hybrid design which wants to move away from titles. This particular project will have only two cabins, plus crew. The owner stateroom is located to fore, and a VIP suite is to midship which features two French beds. Speed is an estimated max of 35 knots with only two 800hp engines a power usually found on motor boats about three meters smaller which show that the MY68 Navetta is evolutionary.

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