April 2, 2009

Out-News = Ugly Bertram

How to start the new Out-News section here, then with a story which was much the talking in January of this year in the many boating forums in the US and later followed all around the virtual world wide web. This story involved a delamination to an only 6 months old Bertram 630 having about 500 engine hours. Bertram is one of the most respected boat builders, for when it comes to construction, sea keeping and robust builds. This picture appeared first on thehulltruth.com, but a nice review with a technical description to what might have happened is also given on yachtsurvey.com David Pascoe surveyor website. After many talking that this might finish worse then it is, with everyone speculating on the matter Bertram gave good guarantees to the owner, and he has been replaced with a boat to use for the moment and a new model currently in construction. Bertram has also declared on the yachtforums.com that this was a singular incident, and checks on other 630 have been made to guarantee this was a unique unhappy matter. Needless to say while this was an ugly accident to a nice boat, the company showed is seriousness by standing to its guarantees and keeping an owner happy.

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