March 20, 2009

Propulsion: Quickutter

Quickutter rope cutters are a revolution in propulsion safety, with a new innovative shaver design representing a significant improvement over all other cutting devices. The superior advantages of a Quickutter versus other rope cutters are that you have no loss of power, no bearings, no shock loads, and no cavitation. In four years of fittings only two have required spare parts, and only one has been broken. How is that for customer satisfaction! Fitted mostly to commercial crafts from fast fishing cats to ferries, now the leisure market is increasing its use too, from famous production up to one off builders taking advantage of the protection benefits versus other similar systems. They are also supplied for surface drives and work, sitting on top of the unit so aren't even in the water when running at speed but still cut mooring lines when you run over them whilst docking. QuicKutter is the only make of shaver cutter offering a new approach to an old problem.

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