August 15, 2008

Projects: Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht Series II, Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht

Riviera improve the 3600 Sport Yacht, thanks to the Volvo IPS propulsion, giving a revolution to the lower deck accommodation layout making her one of the most spacious and comfortable 11 metres in the market today. So far the exterior lines of the small Sport Yacht model in the plans seem unchanged, although I hope for the addition of extra port holes in both staterooms, as the mid cabin will be very hot and dull if the above exterior lines are confirmed. Performance have not been quoted by the builder, but we expect the double Volvo's IPS 400 at 301 hp giving about 32 knots, similar performance as the Cummins 380hp used to provide but with less fuel consumption and easy docking manoeuvrability thanks to the joystick system by IPS. The Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht inherits the design principles of its predecessors, the award-winning 3600 and 4700 and the 4400 Sport Yachts, most notably the Al fresco lifestyle concept. The new Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht project takes luxury boating to a new level, with its four cabin three bathroom standard layout, something rare in a boat measuring around 17 metres with a full beam master stateroom, and the choice of a lower galley and aft crew cabin. A new digital switching system for DC power enables you to personalise your boat by selecting what mode you want, for example, select cruise or entertainment mode, and the appropriate circuits will be energised. The boat's beautiful, sleek lines match the state of the art propulsion system providing you with faster acceleration, higher top speed, better turning and manoeuvrability all with greater fuel efficiency. Massive interior and exterior entertaining areas combine with simple yet stylish stainless steel framed glass sliding door and the electric sunroof that adds that extra touch of the outdoors.

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