December 5, 2007

New Model: Amer 92

The new Amer 92 is the natural evolution of the Amer 86 design, inheriting and developing those features that made Amer 86 such a success. The boat’s performance, its handling qualities and its sea worthiness are an essential part of the hull’s performance. It should also be noted that the boat is fully equipped, underlying the shipyard’s flexibility in making boats that are highly personalized and custom based, paying attention to the smallest detail. The styling of Amer 92 is in harmony with the design of its popular sister yacht. This establishes a feeling of stylistic continuity, but does not prevent its features being improved, in particular by prolonging and harmonizing its surfaces. The boat’s outline has benefited from the increased length, resulting in a more attractive and streamlined design. The yacht’s larger size has favoured its standard layout – if one can speak of standards about a shipyard that has made of the custom-based approach its key to success. There have been major improvements in each area, from the boat’s stern to the bow. Changes have not only been made to the crew cabin, the VIP and the twin berth guest cabins, but above all to the master cabin. All the accommodation area space has been revised, extended and optimized. The new window design also guarantees better lighting of the day area. The main deck layout has also been redesigned to enhance its functionality: the dining area is independent from the saloon and a single staircase leads to the lower deck. Rather than enlarging the already functional galley and wheelhouse, the cockpit has been transformed into a vital living area. In defining the project’s objectives the possible options afforded by the boat’s increased dimensions have been taken into consideration, as well as the new demands of a constantly changing market. The size and dimensions of the Amer 92 have enabled the construction of an aft garage for the tender’s storage and further optimization of the space allow the shipyard to offer the customer a 5 cabin option. The space previously employed for the tender on the Amer 86 has been replaced by a wider flybridge, where a Jacuzzi and a large sun bed can now be found. The most recent market trends and new customer demands show a growing awareness of environmental factors. In terms of the boat design this has meant focusing on ever-increased efficiency. The demand for an eco-friendly product will be as important in the future as the search for increased power once was. Customers will no longer be satisfied with a more powerful horse-power, but will insist on assessing the yacht’s true efficiency. The Amer team has made of these concepts their guiding principles, deciding to concentrate on two essential features: energy conservation and respect for the environment. The boat has been made lighter and more resistant by using new materials and by adjusting the weight distribution. These arrangements together with the excellent hull qualities and an optimization of the propulsion system ensure that Amer 92 has the best consumption rates in its category. Tests on the Amer 86 have shown that in displacement navigation, using one single engine, during long voyages, the consumption rate can be compared to that of a small displaced ship. These arrangements are the basis of the new project and will enable the boat to face long voyages with very low consumption rates. The interior plan of the yacht has also been modified with a view to conserving energy: from the lighting to the electrical system to the air conditioning system and the internal insulation. The result is a boat that can, just to give one example, under the same external environmental conditions, in terms of temperature and humidity, stay at anchor employing only a part of the power needed by the generators if compared to other boats of similar classification. These modifications have reduced sound levels, thus achieving greater comfort on board. The employment of a system treating all sewage on board enable the yacht to moor in port or stay at anchor without being subject to rules which are going to be made more restrictive in the future.
Technical Data:
LOA - 28.00 m (91.8ft)
Waterline Length - 23.96 m
Beam - 6.30 m
Draft - 2.00 m
Fuel Capacity - 8000 l
Water Capacity - 2200 l
Accommodation - 8 berths in 4 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats 1825hp
Speed - 30 knots top, 28 knots cruising
Range - 500 miles
Styling - Massimo Verme, Verme Yacht Projects
Building Material - fiberglass
Category - CE A

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