June 28, 2007

Powerboat P1 - German Gran Prix of the Sea Preview

Sunseeker Challenger in Naples
Once a small fishing village, Travemunde is now one of the most popular and fashionable seaside resorts on the Baltic Coast. With beautiful sandy beaches stretching 4.5km, reputably the best on the German Baltic, it is today an internationally acclaimed tourist destination. For many centuries Travem√ľnde was almost exclusively known for its fishing industry and shipping. However, during the 18th Century, it became fashionable with the aristocracy as a summer retreat and its waters fast developed a reputation for their healing qualities, attracting visitors from wide and far. Tourism was born! Today it continues to enjoy a reputation for its therapeutic bathing, although exclusive health resorts have largely replaced the traditional bathing houses.
The Powerboat P1 German Grand Prix of the Sea has become one of the most popular events of the P1 calendar, and provides an opportunity for the German public to experience at first hand the exciting spectacle and fast competitive racing of P1. In 2006, over 80,000 people lined the shores to watch the racing action and this year promises to be another action-packed festival of international sport, glamour and entertainment, on and off the water.
This third way point of the 2007 season, will be a confirmation test for King of Shaves and Roscioli Hotels Roma who both dominated the 2 races in Naples on there respective Evolution and Super Sport Class. Other favorite teams will need to show that they still can compete for this season, such is the case of Italian OSG, winner of the 2006 Evolution Class, but also Fainplast in the same category who won the first Grand Prix of Malta but was disqualified for missing a course buoy during the race.
In the Super Sport class other awaited but struggling team seems to be Sunseeker Challenger who with a similar competing package to a Formula One team still seems not have made the desired impact on the competition yet. Will the German Grand Prix prove the right spot for them? This coming weekend in Germany will for sure answer some of these questions, as for those still remaining one will have to wait for the legendary Cowes Grand Prix in England scheduled for the end of August.

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