August 28, 2016

Project: Benetti 116 Mediterraneo

At the coming Cannes boat show this September 2016 Benetti will officially premiere the new 116 Mediterraneo. The new Class Displacement series model at just over 35 meter is characterized by smooth and slender lines, representing a stylistic revolution for the shipyard. One of the main focus of the project is surely the brightness theme: the careful superstructure’s design provides a sensation of luminosity, amplified by several elements on-board. For instance, the two meter wide crystal doors that from the main deck gives onto the salon, or the continuous three meter tall picture windows. Always in the same salon, in the dining area, two windows give onto the exterior walkway that, thanks to its width, can also be used as a balcony.  On the main deck can be found another perfect example of the revolution in design and layout brought to us by the Mediterraneao 116, the six meter wide cockpit allows a panoramic view of the sea right forward with intelligent use of ergonomic spaces.  Farther forward, always on the main deck, is the owner's apartments, while guests have at their disposal four cabins in the lower deck, each one enriched by a large window that gives an exceptional sea-level view. Excellent design for the crew movement as well, so to grant the perfect privacy and the maximum efficiency.  Lots of space dedicated to fun and entertainments on the external area, with a huge area on the upper deck.  Performance is provided by two Man 1400hp each, giving the 116 Mediterraneo a top speed of fifteen knots, while cruising at ten knots delivers a range of three thousand nautical miles.

August 27, 2016

Web: Neptunus New Web Site

Neptunus presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in the seventies in Holland, Neptunus has over the years and into the nineteen nineties transferred itself into Canada.  To be exact in St.Catherine Ontario, with a less to hour distance from the Buffalo airport.  Currently Neptunus has a 6600 square meter facility in the area, where its builds seven models of yachts which start at 55 feet with the 550 Express and go up to the 725 Motoryacht. Neptunus new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Inventory, Motoryacht, Express, Boatshows, and Contact.

August 26, 2016

New Model: Ferretti Custom Line 37 Navetta

Ferertti Custom Line launched its first 37 Navetta on Friday July 29 2016.  The new 37 meter long super yacht is the outcome of a complex design process in which the Ferretti Group engineers, architects and designers were engaged for over a year.  Built in the La Spezia shipyard, Navetta 37 features strikingly clean lines, well-balanced spaces, and meticulous attention to every detail, a combination that makes for an innovative super yacht yet with a timeless elegance.  Born from the collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, in which Ferretti Group is proud to have Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Engineering Department and Studio Zuccon International Project, the new ship applies the qualities of seaworthiness, comfort, safety, and customization in Custom Line's DNA from birth.  A revolutionary product in terms of style, design and spaces, putting it in a place of its own in this class of yacht.  As expected, the new Ferretti Custom Line 37 Navetta is already proving a success, with three units sold before its launch: one in Europe and two in the Middle East.
Technical Data:
LOA - 37.04 m (121.6ft)
Hull Length - 36.8 m
Waterline Length - 30.6 m
Beam - 8 m
Draft - 2.27 m
Displacement - 168,000 kg unloaded, 208,000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 35000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, seven/eight crew in four cabins
Max Persons - 20
Engines - 2 x Man V12-CR 1400hp, V12-CR 1650hp, Cats C32 12v 16222hp, C32 12v 1825hp, Baudouin M26.3 1650hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 18 knots, 13 knots cruise with Cats 1825hp
Range -  1150 at efficient cruise
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Project - Zuccon Internationl lines and interior, Ferretti Engineering Department naval architecture

August 25, 2016

Project: Salpa Laver 52X

Salpa presents the project for a new Laver 52X flagship set to replace the 50.5 launched in 2008.  The project of the Laver 52X is very much based on the 50.5 with similar interior layout and exterior lines.  The most visible change so far in the project rendering is the addition of new large view windows serving the cabins below deck.  Living will be all on the main deck and below deck is reserved for accommodation below deck. The Laver 52X offers a three double cabins two heads layout below with a forward owners room to fore, and larger guest VIP cabin to port side.  Power for the sixteen tons displacing Salpa Laver 52X come from twin Volvo 435hp with IPS pod propulsion, which if the numbers of the 50.5 model where correct should give max speed in the mid thirty knots.  

August 24, 2016

New Model: Estensi 535 Maine

Estensi shipyard an Italian builder of reliable, elegant and appealing traditional lobster and explorer trawler cruiser and yachts, continues along the path of renewal with the new 535 Maine. After the project presentation in Düsseldorf past January, the new model was launched in June 2016, and now will make its public debut at the Cannes show in September. The new 535 Maine follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful previous model, the 530, of which a total of 35 have been sold.  A total of 60 Maine series have been sold including the 480 and 640 sister models rewarding the technical solutions and semi customization Estensi introduced in this series of explorer trawler cruiser and yachts. Today the 530 Maine evolves into the 535, which offers some important new features based on experience and the latest technology available. Big side windows illuminate the three cabins below deck, while a new solution has been devised for the door between the cockpit and the saloon enabling a single space for even more direct contact with the sea. From a technical standpoint, Estensi also starts a new partnership with Volvo in this model with twin 435hp units powering the 535 Maine.  Other important upgrades for the 535 versus the 530 will be a pivoting hydraulic swim platform and  joystick for maneuvering.  Important note that the 535 Maine keeps the flexibility Estensi is known for with three versions available for the main deck design solutions.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.4 m (53.9ft)
Hull Length - 16.1 m
Waterline Length - 13.4 m
Beam - 4.8 m
Draft - 1.3 m loaded
Displacement - 18.8 t unloaded, 23.3 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2800 l
Water Capacity - 800 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 2 crew berths in 1 cabin
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 435hp
Propulsion - direct line shaft with ZF gearboxes
Speed - 25 knots max 14 knots cruise
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Project - Zuccheri Yacht Design
Certification - CE A

August 23, 2016

Project: Spencer 74 100 Centurion

A household name in custom sportfish boat building, Spencer is nearing close in delivering its hull number one hundred, which is to be a 74 feet.  Building one hundred boats is always a landmark, a lot more so for a custom yacht builder as Spencer, with each build being to order from a client.  With the 74 feet Centurion, Spencer went to social media and a sponsored build by its main suppliers.  Indeed this build has received sponsorship from Westernbranch MTU dealer, Alexseal, Gplink, Seakeeper, Aqualama, Veem, Wildcat, Onan, and Technicold.  Splashing of Centurion should be soon, with the build starting in late 2015 and expected to splash end Summer 2016.

August 22, 2016

New Model: Sunseeker 52 Manhattan

Sunseeker are going at it full swing in its smaller sizes and this completely new 52 Manhattan is a complete testament of a fresh breed of life in what is today the Poole boat builder entry level flybridge motor yacht.  The new 52 Manhattan brings a first feature for the builder from Poole which has a main deck layout with an astern galley, which joins entertainment with the aft cockpit. It was over ten years in 2004 when Ferretti introduced this in the 630 model, and many others have followed since then to what is a practical solution for the galley in this size.  The 52 Manhattan impresses in a lot of areas, its flybridge being one of the most spacious in this size and features a double dinette solution to aft and port side of the helm, along a forward sun-pad.  Windows everywhere a theme of Sunseeker's latest models is again the chorus of the new 52 Manhattan with the saloon windows impressing for there size.  The 52 Manhattan is powered by twin Volvo 725hp units in pod drives or line shaft propulsion with top speed up to 31 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.21 m (56.6ft)
Hull Length - 16 m
Beam - 4.87 m
Draft - 1.26 m
Displacement - 27000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - line shafts and IPS pod drives
Speed - 31 knots max
Range - 250 nautical miles at cruise
Construction - hand laid fiberglass with Vinilester skin resin and powder bound mat, balsa cored side, and PVC core topsides
Certification - CE

August 21, 2016

Web: Italcraft New Web Site

Italcraft from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 1955 by brothers Sergio and Mario Sonnino Sorisio, in a shed just at the out skirts of Rome, Italcraft will become over the years one of the most innovative boat builders featuring some World first to what regards hull design, propulsion, and materials used for the construction of its boats.  In 1958 Italcraft moves production on Lake Bracciano and in 1961 the company opens a showroom in the capital city.  The company needs more space again and in 1969 moves south of the Italian capital city in Gaeta province of Latina, a place Italcraft as at today still calls home. Innovation has always been key to Italcraft since its inception with a lot of World first being key to its startling success, starting from the end fifties with the wood build Sea Skiff model featuring the first round bilge planning hull. In the seventies Italcraft presents the Renato Sonny Levi designed Drago, the first boat equipped with surface drives and at the time also the fastest diesel boat in production, which is followed in end of this decade with the Aermar also featuring a World first with the propeller tunnels. The Drago also represented a World first in building materials being constructed with Kevlar 49 and Carbon fiber.  In the eighties Italcraft builds Seppietta a Military Patrol cruiser capable of carrying ten people which is unsinkable, self righting, and defined all weather, and in 1985 also launches the M-78 which was at the time the fastest and largest yacht of its size reaching max speeds up to 56 knots.  In the mid nineties Italcraft closes its doors only to be purchased in 1996 by the neighboring Cantieri Navali dell Golfo. Immediately the production of F38, C45, and C58 is resumed with the new 38 Sarima launching in 1998.  A model which is at today still in production. In 2006 Italcraft is acquired by Inrizzardi Group, which bring a new development spell in craft over seventy feet with the introduction of the 105 and 90 feet models. The recession of 2008 makes Italcraft close its doors in 2013 only for the company to open again with the new management in 2015.  Italcraft top selling model has been the 1965 launched 25 feet Sarima sold in seven hundred units built of wood and featuring a deep Vee hull with a twenty degrees deadrise aft and two spray rails, followed by the 16 meter Blue Marlin sold in 105 units. Currently Italcraft is producing three models; 38 Sarima, 54 Ipanema, and 105 Maxi Drago which is at today still its largest ever build and so far delivered in four units.  Italcraft new website is currently available only in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Yachts, Articles and News, Company, and Contacts.              

August 20, 2016

Project: Canados 90 Gladiator

Since coming into new ownership Canados has been working fast around the clock to launch new projects aimed to put the brand at the top of the packing order in the semi-custom super yacht spectrum.  So after first presenting the 76 Oceanic which is currently being tested, Canados presents the project for a new 90 Gladiator which replaces the 90 Open after a ten years plus production run.  The 90 Gladiator is based on the hull of the Open, which apart being fast is also a very seaworthy design aimed at keeping sustained high speeds even in rough seas. Technically speaking the 90 Gladiator is a make up improvement of the model it replaces with a new hard top and window profile, and a fore-deck with the must have dinette and sun-pad.   Canados 90 Gladiator will also be available with three engine propulsion choices; twin Man 1900hp with shafts, Mans 2600hp with Arneson surface drives, and triple Man 1900hp with Top System surface drives.  Speeds go to the max of 33 knots of the first option to over 55 knots of the last option.  In the triple engine option the 90 Gladiator will receive a structural upgrade with hull build in Kevlar Aramat fibers, Carbon reinforcements, and interior furniture in honeycomb.

August 19, 2016

New Model: Bering 80

Bering has launched its first 80 model in Zhangjiang in South China.  Currently hull one of the 80 series she is undergoing her first sea trials in the region.  Bering 80 is currently the largest and fourth build so far from the American-Chinese builder, and part of its Expedition line.  Important note is that Bering does have bigger project designs of a 95 and 115 awaiting the signing on the dotted line.  Bering 80 is a two deck and a half explorer type super yacht with a full displacement hull and build all of steel.  Standard layout offers five double cabins, included a main deck owners stateroom.  Bering 80 also breaks some records as being the heaviest yacht in its class,  Hull one also featured larger fuel tanks by ten thousand liters, and was painted in an aggressive Alexseal dark gray paint. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 25 m (82ft)
Hull Length - 23.8 m
Waterline Length - 22.6 m
Beam - 7.86 m
Draft - 2.35 m
Displacement - 291 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 38500 l, optional 48,775 l for hull one
Water Capacity - 3180 l
Accommodation - 10 berths in 5 cabins, 2 crew in 1 cabin
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSM11 350hp
Propulsion - Seatorque ST-300 shaft
Speed - 12 knots max, 9 knots cruse
Range - 6000 nm at best cruise
Hull Shape - full displacement with bulb and protected propellers
Construction - A-36 marine grade steel 10 mm in bottom, 8 mm in hull side, 5 mm in top sides, finishing in Alexseal paint and Epoxy cover coat