November 20, 2018

Engine: FPT C16 1000hp

FPT Industrial unveils its new C16 1000 marine engine, presented during the 2018 Cannes boat show.  Though the new Cursor 16 has just been unveiled, the engine is already a Guinness World Record holder. Last March, a special version of the Cursor 16 installed on the powerboat achieved the fastest speed on water using a diesel engine, reaching a speed of 277.5 Km/h. This record follows the Cursor 16's previous title of "Diesel of the Year" from 2014.  This new C16 1000 is developed for light commercial and pleasure applications, and distinguishes itself for providing top performance with the compactness and the lightness of a 13-liter engine but with the durability of a 16 liters. This C16 1000 is, in fact, the only 16-liter engine on the market to fit in the packaging of a 13-liter engine. The perks regard both the aesthetic and technical aspects of the engine, which has a 6-cylinder in-line architecture and features the latest generation Common Rail injection system which goes up to 2,200 bar. Its power can reach 1000hp at 2300 rpm, placing itself among the best-in-class performance of the category.  The new C16 1000 has the best durability,  25% more than the competitors on average, while the power 63 hp/lt and torque 220 Nm/lt density are among the best of light commercial segment. These great characteristics couple with a maximum lightness and a best-in-class power to weight ratio of 0,59hp/kg, thus delivering at the same time top performance and best durability. The customer will have an increased cruising and a max speed together with the best transient response for planing.  In order to maximize reliability and resistance to salt and water, the C16 1000 has been designed with specific air, water, oil and fuel circuits. The marinization set includes: heavy duty, high flow sea water pump, a new heat exchanger for improved heat rejection, anodyzed air-intake pipes, a new air filter in epoxy-based material more resistant to salt and humidity, and twisted wiring for maximum resistance to dirt, water and sludge.  The C16 1000 has the compactness of a 13-liter engine, which not only means it is among the best-in-class of its category but that the final customer will have an easier installation and wider space on board as well. Furthermore, the engine has a best-in-class maintenance period of up to 600 hours, which translates into easier and cheaper maintenance operations.  Inside, the C16 1000 features increased fatigue strength new material components;  cylinder block, cylinder head made in Compacted Graphite Iron - CGI, crankshaft and bearings, con-rods, steel pistons, rings, increased flows for oil and water circuits with a professional bronze body and impeller sea water pump, and the last generation of Common Rail with multi-point fuel injection. The turbocharging system is distinguished by a simple and efficient technology with 2 single stage water cooled WG Turbo while the clean and functional lay-out is focused on engine easy serviceability and maintenance, thus granting premium performance, reliability and durability. Finally, regarding the environmental performance, the C16 1000 respects the most stringent regulations along with all the other FPT Industrial engines. Its impact on the environment is reduced for gas emissions, noise, and vibrations, providing not just positive general effects, but also higher comfort of navigation. To achieve these benefits in terms of sustainability, C16 1000 also offers a blow-by system for the best recovery of oil vapors and new green filters for better treatment of engine oils.

November 19, 2018

New Model: Jet Tern Selene 50 Voyager Sedan

The Selene 50 Voyager Sedan is a larger sibling of the 42 Voyager Sedan model, with a larger super structure and the same European flair. The yacht has a beautiful teak or optional cherry interior, and a well-equipped sea-going U-shaped galley to port. Compared with the Selene 42 Voyager Sedan, it offers one more cabin and head, a more spacious saloon and more storage. For many people, the large flybridge will be the highlight of this yacht with its optional hardtop. The original design of the owner’s cabin located forward with a walk around berth athwart-ships leaves more space for nightstands and large wardrobe lockers. The Selene 50 Voyager Sedan epitomizes gracious styling and transports her passengers with the uppermost in comfort and performance. The Selene 50 Voyager Sedan sports all the feature of a luxury family yacht with a generator, climate control, roomy cabins and a large sociable salon, but always with elegance, simplicity and easy maintenance for the owner-operator. Like her smaller sibling, the Selene 50 Voyager Sedan is also a long-range gentleman’s boat ready to take you faraway to exotic places. With this new yacht, the Voyager series continues to build upon Selene Yachts’ tradition of combining the highest level of individualized craftsmanship with superlative design. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.43 m (54.4ft)
Waterline Length - 15.26 m
Beam - 4.78 m
Draft - 1.8 m
Displacement - 30.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 4542 l
Water Capacity - 946 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 1 x Cummins QSL9 330hp, up to 405hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 11 knots
Project - Howard Chen

November 18, 2018

Web: Sanlorenzo New Web Site

Sanlorenzo one of the most famous and highly regarded by the connoisseurs Italian motor and super yacht builders updates its World wide web showroom. Sanlorenzo was founded 1958 by Giovanni Janetti in Viareggio, which since the 1970's regarded as the Super Yacht city of the Mediterranean.  From its founding till 1985 the company builds it's cruisers and yachts in wood, but in 1985 Sanlorenzo launches it 57 model produced up until 1993 which marks it's first fiberglass build, and a successful one at that. Other models build in fiberglass will follow from a sports 55, to the 70 launched in the end of the eighties, and the 80 in early nineties. The Sanlorenzo 80 will remain a flagship for a couple of years up until 1995 when the 100 is launched. In 1999 Sanlorenzo moves to a new yard further North of Viareggio located in Ameglia, at La Spezia. The new Ameglia yard is also ISO 14001 certified. 2005 marks a change of leadership at Sanlorenzo when the shipyard ownership is changed from Giovanni Janetti to Massimo Perotti. In the same year Sanlorenzo opens a new Viareggio production site which will be dedicated to the larger yachts. 2007 is an important year for Sanlorenzo with the launch of the new SD92 presenting the Semi Displacement line, and the first 40 Alloy model. This last apart being the new Sanlorenzo flagship for the coming three years will receive three important awards from Showboats, and World Superyacht. In 2010 Sanlorenzo launches another larger flagship the 46 Steel, which is also the first build in steel metal, and an alloy super structure.  This is again superseded in 2017 when Sanlorenzo launched the 52 Steel model.  Also in 2017 Sanlorenzo presents the modern explorer semi displacing Zuccon designed SX line with the SX86 model. Currently Sanlorenzo largest offer is the 64/70 Steel project. Today Sanlorenzo continues its custom approach and builds about thirty motor, explorer, and super yachts a year. The current Sanlorenzo line up is divided in the Superyacht and Yacht range divided into seven series which build yachts from the SX76 up to the 70 Steel, totaling eighteen models.  The Superyacht range offers four ranges; Alloy, Steel, Explorer, and E-Motion, while the Yacht range offers three; SL, SD, and SX. The new Sanlorenzo website takes you around with the following buttons; Shipyard, Philosophy, Range, News, Service, Brand Representative, Careers, Contact, and Language.  

November 17, 2018

Project: Bering 106

Bering Yachts is pleased to announce a new order for a 32 meter semi-custom yacht new 106 model with the contract signed during the Monaco Yacht Show 2018. Like all Bering yachts the 106 is able to cross the ocean, providing maximum safety and modern comfort with fuel efficiency. With Bering one can cruise to many destinations, including those which cannot be reached by representatives of similar class of yachts.  Bering 106 will be a triple deck super yacht with a distinctive European modern look.  The Bering 106 will have speeds up to thirteen knots, while a fuel capacity of 30,000 liters should allow for a range of 4000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of nine knots.

November 16, 2018

New Model: Azimut Grande 25 Metri

After having so much success with the Grande 27 Metri, Azimut goes a step smaller and presents the new Grande 25 Metri.  A super yacht designed by since the early nineties standing Azimut designer Stefano Righini that offers an interesting mix of sporty lines to that of a full flybridge.  This is not something new from Azimut, as the World famous boat builder has in the past offered similar machines, as the success which was the 98 Leonardo or the 68 Plus before it.  The Azimut Grande 25 Metri also presents some cool new design features as a more pronounced bow knee which reminds of the Americas Cup sailing yachts as introduced by New Zealand in year 2000, and then used up to 2007 in all the AC class.  For those that do not know that knee in those boats help add waterline up wind and at the same time increased speed and reduce the angle to the wind.  It is obvious that the Azimut bow knee is just there for aesthetic reasons since this is a motor yacht with two big engines in the engine room, to be exact twin Man 1650hp as standard or optional 1800hp units.        
Technical Data:
LOA - 26.62 m (87.4ft)
Beam - 6.20 m
Draft - 1.8 m
Displacement - 69.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 7850 l
Water Capacity - 1100 l
Accommodation - eight guest berths in four cabins, three crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man 1650hp, or 1800hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 28 knots max 24 knots cruse with Man 1650hp
Construction - carbon fiber super structure, fiberglass resin infused hull
Project - Stefano Righini exterior, Achille Salvagni interior, Pierluigi Ausonio hull
Certification - Data UNI/ISO 8666

November 15, 2018

Project: Viking 46 Billfish

After two years of production for Viking entry level and traditional inspired cruiser the 37 Billfish, the New Jersey boat builder decides to expand the Billfish line with a new second and bigger 46 Billfish project set to launch towards the fall of 2019.  Not much details are yet known about the 46 Billfish, apart the fact that the new second model of the Viking Billfish line has two more meters plus of length.  That is set to give more space for both accommodation and sport-fishermen alike.

November 14, 2018

New Model: Prestige 520 S

Prestige present the new 520 S, hard top coupe version of its 520 series.  As usual for Prestige S-Line range and designer Garroni, the French builder takes away the flybridge and presents a model with a sportier silhouette.  For the remaining the 520 S is identical to the Flybridge, and offers solutions which have been appreciated not little by the Prestige clientele.  One of these appreciated details in the Prestige line up, which has shown since some years now upwards of the 450 model is the separate entrance to the full beam midships owners stateroom.  Still the Prestige 520S has other couple of options for the new buyer.  From the choice of a single berth crew cabin or a tender garage, and that for a chaise lounge style settee or an L-shaped dinette for the aft deck.  The Prestige 520 S is powered by twin Volvo 435hp with IPS pod propulsion which give a max speed of 27 knots and a cruise of 23.     
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.11 (52.9ft)
Hull Length - 14.5 m
Beam - 4.49 m 
Draft - 1.05 m
Displacement - 15562 kg light, 22432 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1300 l
Water Capacity - 636 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 435hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 27 knots max 23 knots cruise
Range - 220 nm at cruise
Construction - infused resin with Isophtalic type gel-coat
Project - Garroni exterior and interior, JP Concepts naval architecture, Prestige engineering
Certification - CE B12, C14

November 13, 2018

Project: Greenline 48 Coupe

It seems like they never stop at Greenline, and for Düsseldorf boat show 2019 the Slovenian boat builder will present a 48 Coupe, a hard-top variant of the the popular 48 Fly model.  The Greenline 48 Coupe follows the Slovenian boat builder one level living concept which makes living onboard without any steps between the cockpit and saloon. The 48 Coupe is also offered with a choice of three different furniture woods enabling owners to truly tailor it to there style and wishes. The 48 Coupe offers ample deck space which can be further upgraded with various devices, materials and colors suiting different tastes and requirements. To bring the well being on-board even further, the Greenline 48 Coupe features a full functional wet bar mounted at transom. Accessible from the bathing platform, the wet bar is equipped with a BBQ, sink and a worktop. Also the bathing platform comes in two sizes with the possibility of comfortable tender launching using built-in pop-up chocks and or a hydraulic lifting system.  Below deck the Greenline 48 Coupe presents a three double cabins layout, both served with an independent head.  An optional crew cabin is available aft.  Greenline have been pioneers in hybrid propulsion. Hybrid Drive for the Greenline 48 Coupe is available with twin 14kw electric engines which integrate with twin 10kw generators in combination with twin Volvo 220 HP diesel engines. You can of course choose not to have the hybrid drive which enables you to upgrade the power of the engines up to twin 480hp Cummins engines and cruise at a higher speed.  With Hybrid Drive the Greenline 48 Coupe has a top speed up to 16 knots, with only electric power cruise of six knots.  With the Cummins 480hp the 48 Coupe has top speeds up 30 knots.

November 12, 2018

New Model: Invictus GT320

With the new GT320 model Invictus raises its philosophy as outlined by designer Christian Grande, with features which are part of the smaller 280 and bigger 370 GT models, and in the same time renewing the identity of the brand and the GT range. From the GT280 the 320 takes its dynamic properties, which combine with the large living areas inspired from the GT370 flagship.  The Invictus GT 320 follows family design features from the reverse bow, further emphasized by the oval-section edge that runs the length of the boat, from the bow down to the stern swim platform.  The Invictus GT320 deck layout offers access to the cockpit via the stern swim platform, moving left of the large sundeck, which can be further expanded by transforming the fore sofa. In the middle of the cockpit, the L-shaped dinette has a table and faces a real outdoor galley; with fridge, ice maker, grill and basin, all neatly tucked into a stand-up cabinet in Invictus style which can conceal all behind doors. The cockpit can be sheltered by a standard hidden sun canopy. Among the Invictus GT320 optional, the carbon hardtop stands out and this can be extended to provide more shade with a transpiring, ventilated fabric held in place by carbon rods. The pilot and co-pilot chairs, with a bottle-holder between them, add value to the helm station.  At the bow, the large sundeck has headrests positioned on the deck-house, creating relaxing areas. Inside the Invictus GT320 has a transforming dinette along the port topside, with a container cabinet on the starboard side. At the stern, a second open-space cabin with double bed makes the best of the cockpit’s architecture, without adding weight to the boat’s profile, which appears slim and streamlined.  A bathroom is in the center of the cabin areat and has all the comforts needed to fully enjoy life on board. Invictus GT 320  is powered by engines up to twin 430hp in various stern drive propulsion from twin or single petrol gas or diesel engines. Invictus GT series is very much a semi custom project and the GT 320 is no exception offering eight color options for the exterior and a variety the interesting option of the carbon T-Top or a fully open look.
Technical Data:
LOA - 9.97 m (32.7ft)
Beam - 3.30 m
Fuel Capacity - 740 l
Water Capacity - 130 l
Max Persons - 10
Accommodation - 2 plus 2 berths
Engines - up to twin 2 x 430hp engines, Volvo V8 350hp
Propulsion - Volvo stern drive 
Project - Christian Grande
Certification - CE B10

November 11, 2018

Web: Arcadia New Web Site

Arcadia Yachts from Naples Italy presents its new website.  Founded in 2009 Arcadia has from its beginning presented itself as the innovative and green super yacht builder.  Arcadia first model, is the still in production A85 which launched in 2010 a year after the founding.  Today Arcadia offers eight models divided in three lines; the entry level Sherpa which offers the 18 meter and 22 meter XL, standard A line with five models from the A85 to the A115, and the For.Th Forward Thinking series which has the still in project 47 meter flagship.  Arcadia new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Our Fleet, Solidified Technology, Shipyard, Brand Representatives, Latest News, Download Brochure, A Yachting Renaissance, and Contact Us. Arcadia is also on social media platform Instagram with a tab button located at bottom of the page.