April 3, 2020

Project: Holterman X-treme X-105

Holterman Shipyard has released its latest revolutionary design: the 32-meter-long X-Treme X-105. The X-105 is a unique steel superyacht with an aluminium superstructure that holds a big 'beach' rear aft deck and flybridge. The X-105 features the latest technical developments such as a wet launch system. This system is suitable for a tender or chase boat up to ten meters and contains an integrated five meters long swimming pool with adjustable depth due to a movable bottom. The midship holds a garage with doors folded on either side. The garage offers plenty of space for multiple water toys such as two jet skis and a rib up to 3.45m.  All essential technical such as: bow thrusters, stern thrusters, stabilizers and water makers will be double equipped for optimum reliability. The two steerable nozzles do not only make the ship silent, but also makes the ship more maneuverable. The outdoor deck flows seamlessly over in to the spacious salon with a well-equipped and grand galley. That same level holds the owner's quarters with ensuite sanitary facilities. On the lower deck, the four double guest bedrooms are accommodated with ensuite sanitary facilities as well. This deck also holds the crew area with two double cabins, of which one with bunk beds. The wheelhouse has an open connection to the salon and is located above the owner's cabin. The robust exterior and stylish interior make for an exclusive experience suitable for a yacht of this caliber.  The Holterman X-treme X-105 is to be powered by twin Volvo 750hp industrial rated engines, which will give top speeds up to fifteen knots.

April 2, 2020

Out-News = Terranova Super Yacht Fire in Viareggio

Mr. Frank a Terranova 85 Explorer super yacht went ablaze on 25 March at around noon time at the public Viareggio Europe Harbor, on the Antonini quay.  The Viareggio coast guard was immediately on site and started chilling the fire aboard Mr. Frank and then got additional help by the CP813 patrol vessel.  The fire which centered around the upper structure was immediately controlled, and the damage minimized.
Mr. Frank is a Terranova 85 Explorer build in 2008, and powered by twin Man 730hp engines which allow her to reach top speeds up to fifteen knots and a cruise of twelve.  The Terranova 85 Explorer as the name says is inspired to explorer trawler vessels of the past and was launched in 2007 and is as at today still in production, or to be exact build to order.

April 1, 2020

blogger - Corona Virus Meltdown

Last month I wrote a blogger about Corona Virus and its implications, and just a month later I have to return to talk about this unprecedented disease, which is putting the World and the global economy down to its knees and into a depression.  A storm which we have never seen before.  A storm which involves an invisible enemy, attacking mostly those in a weaker health situation and slows down the economic wheel to unseen previous levels.
The implications of Corona Virus since last month have not doubled but quadrupled, and we are seeing not only boat shows cancelled, as I am writing this Australia's largest boat show of Sydney held in end July beginning August, and the first round of the Americas Cup series held in Caliari. Sardinia are both cancelled, but also other popular important sporting events as the Olympics and European football soccer championship are postponed for 2021. 
Fortunately as we people of the sea know the storm will be over at some point.  When?  No one knows, as yet, at the moment we have to navigate it and minimize damage with social distancing.  
After the storm is over I hope the respective countries economy do take care of the boating community, and that not as happened in the past we leave it to adjust itself.  The boating community from the users to those working in the industry will deserve a helping hand just as other industries get, and this message is not only for countries where pleasure boating is an industry, but where it is used as a pleasure too.  The nautical business community of boaters and service providers create an interesting economy, and many people make a living directly from the boating World.  Lets hope that the governments do not forget this.

March 31, 2020

Monthly News - March 2020

-pic of the month- Moonen Revolutionary Spray Filler System

Azimut Double Boat of the Year Victory

After conquering the first step of the podium at the Boat of the Year Japan 2019 - BOYJ Awards, in the 'Large - over 35 ft' category, Azimut Grande 25 Metri also wins the Boat of the Year Japan 2019 Grand Prix, awarded by a 26 judges jury among all the BOYJ 2019 winners.  Among the most prestigious prize in the Asia-Pacific area, the Awards have been assigned during a ceremony held on March 5th 2020. Characterized by sinuous and sporty external lines, designed by Stefano Righini, Grande 25 Metri offers vast and voluminous spaces, full of elegance and informal charm.The yacht, entry level of the Collection, features some characteristic surprises, starting from an original interpretation of the living area on the main deck - thanks to the architect Achille Salvagni -, up to the several technological solutions adopted as part of the ECS program (Enhanced Cruising Solutions). 

Cranchi and Flexform

On the occasion of its debut at Boot Düsseldorf 2020, the Cranchi Settantotto received a triumphant welcome, exciting the enthusiasm of the public, the media and operators in the sector.  Those who saw the yacht live expressed an appreciation for the lines of the new flagship, for its technical solutions and for the design choices. Particular interest has also aroused the suggestive setting capable of giving the Settantotto a decisive and refined character. The material and chromatic choices proposed by Cranchi in agreement with the designer Christian Grande reveal a refined taste and give the rooms a tone of warm and relaxed elegance with a classic and contemporary style at the same time.  In perfect harmony with the choices of art direction, the Settantotto is furnished with elements of the Flexform collections, an historic and dynamic Made in Italy furniture brand.  To furnish the living room, Christian Grande chose a corner composition of the Adda seating system combined with Fly tables, both signed by Antonio Citterio.  Around the table were placed Feel Good armchairs also designed by Antonio Citterio and covered in fine leather in a surprising orange nuance.  In the stern space, an outdoor lounge dedicated to relaxation has been created with the addition of Alison Outdoor armchairs designed by Carlo Colombo alongside Fly tables, accordingly, a lounge area with a cocoon effect comes to life. Alternatively, this space can be set up as a veranda with a table that is both practical and attractive.  Among the countless customisation options that Cranchi Yachts can offer thanks to the Cranchi Atelier customisation program, the owners of the Settantotto will be able to choose the elements and furnishing accessories inspired by the collections selected with Christian Grande and being able to rely on the advice of the Shipyard designers.

Ferretti Group Tri-generation Plant in Ancona

Ferretti Group's investments in the Ancona shipyard continue, in this case it is an important project that improves energy efficiency and sustainability. The trigeneration plant will enable to reduce by up to 79% the consumption of electrical and thermal energy needed to air condition the production environments, thus meeting the production needs of the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona, which covers an area of over 25,000 square meters and requires constant temperature control.  Design and installation are the work of Samso Spa, Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) active in Italy in the design, construction and financing of energy efficiency interventions. In detail, inside the plant there is a high-efficiency gas-fired co-generator with an electrical power of 500 kWe and thermal power of 600 kWt, together with a 460 kWf absorber for the production of cold water for cooling that uses the thermal energy recovered from the plant itself.  Overall this intervention, once fully operational, will lead to a reduction of about 79% of the demand for electricity and 32% of thermal energy, estimating an annual primary energy saving of 20%.  In the site area, Ferretti Group has also installed a solar photovoltaic system for the production of electricity and for the conversion of lighting systems with LED lamps.

Formula Facility Closed Through April 6

In this time of uncertainty, our highest priority is the welfare of customers, dealers and Formula Team members.  To comply with Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Stay-At-Home Order, Formula Boats headquarters and manufacturing facility in Decatur, Indiana, will be closed Wednesday, March 25, through April 6, 2020, with office staff working remotely.

Nordhavn Rendezvous Reaches 51 Boats

The Nordhavn Across Puget Sound (NAPS) has reached 51 boats, which nearly doubles the previous record for congregating Nordhavns in one area. The owner-driven event is being billed as a low-key affair that will take place over three days in beautiful British Columbia. Daytime excursions sandwiched in between boat hopping and evening festivities will fill the schedule. Organizers are thrilled – and somewhat astounded – by the response they’ve received. In addition to 51 boats, another dozen sets of owners will be attending without boats.  “I’m not sure how this thing got so big!” said Nordhavn 62 owner Bill Baker, who took over organizing reigns for this third, and by far, largest, edition of NAPS. Two years ago, NAPS started out with nine boats. But it’s no secret that Nordhavn owners like to get together with one another. “It’s such a great community to be part of,” said Baker.

Nordhavn and the Coronavirus Pandemic

For Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc (PAE), the manufacturer of Nordhavn, the health and welfare of its staff, business associates, customers and supporters are, of course, top priority. And when it comes to serving the Nordhavn community and anyone interested in pursuing dreams of long range cruising, our commitment does not waver in these times. Although this story has had to be re-written three times due to the changes happening every day, the message remains the same: we are still working hard for you. Even as we are adjusting to the governor’s order that all California residents remain home from non-essential tasks/work, we are making sure that all channels of communication are being covered. Main office phones are being forwarded, all staff can be reached by e-mail and salesmen can be contacted on cell phones. As of now, our satellite offices are safely operating with doors open, but as rules shift daily, we anticipate an all-remote workday may be implemented in all locations. With no more than 6 employees at any one satellite office location (with service personnel separated from sales), we have ensured that our staff is abiding by the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of illness.  In the UK, Neil Russell, director of Nordhavn Europe says “NEL is fully functional.” Hours are a mix of in-office and at-home so contact with him or partner Philip Roach is best made via their cell phones, although office phones automatically get forwarded. Meanwhile, service continues to crank with pace at the Southampton location as new boat commissioning and service calls fill the docket.  The news is much the same in the U.S.: The doors of the Northeast sales office in East Greenwich, RI are open with regular business hours being conducted. NE salesman Dave Balfour says he’s hard at work with showings over the weekend and a training session with clients on their newly purchased N47 scheduled for next week. “I still continue to be busy and am happy for the distraction!” he said. Meanwhile, sales and service in FL are also buzzing, with many owners looking to ready their boats for quarantining down in the Bahamas. In Seattle, manager Don Kohlmann said the team there is ready for business while they keep an eye on a huge Nordhavn 40-refit happening at service partner Emerald Marine. The N40 is being retrofit with new davit, ABT stabilizers (previously a paravane-only vessel), and an electric wing engine. “It will be interesting to see how it turns out,” Kohlmann said.  At our offices In Australia and Turkey, staff are available to serve at a moment’s notice, even though Nordhavn Australasia are keeping mostly work-from-home hours. Information can be dispersed via phone or e-mail any time of day or night, says Manager Peter Devers, adding. “We are available for one-on-one meetings as required.”  Today news broke of Brunswick Corporation’s decision to temporarily halt production. But Nordhavn production continues. Each of our 3 factories (Tainan, Taiwan; Xiamen, China; and Ayvali, Turkey) are open and operating, says Nordhavn President Dan Streech. Under normal circumstances, project managers, salespeople, management and customers would be traveling to the factories for inspections, guidance and meetings. With travel restrictions in place, those visits are now replaced with Skype, Facetime, Go-To-Meeting and lots of e-mails, photos, videos and sketches. “These communication methods have been available to all of us for a number of years now but the crisis has forced us to use them better,” he said, adding these practices will probably be utilized even after the travel restrictions are lifted. “As they say, ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’.”  In the quiet background of the coronavirus chaos, Nordhavn owners continue to enjoy their yachts and are making necessary adjustments as they maneuver around the complications of COVID-19. As Jennifer Hamilton, owner of Nordhavn 52 Dirona recently intimated about the flexibility their Nordhavn allows: “We can have plans, and then get underway the same day with completely different plans.”

Maritimo Planning Exciting 2020

As the world continues to face unprecedented times amidst the current global health crisis, Maritimo is continuing production and pushing ahead with its exciting plans for 2020 involving new model releases and an action packed promotional schedule.  It is in times like these that the Maritimo team believes it is more important than ever to stay on track and continue to function as normally as possible. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines strongly promote social distancing as a way to help slow the spread of the virus and this has seen large numbers of events and activities cancelled internationally including boating exhibitions and shows.  We are very mindful of that and have acted to offer our customers and prospective customers alternatives like one on one VIP appointments, guided digital tours and vessel walkthroughs, and controlled visits to our sales and marketing centres which are the subject of new stringent cleaning programs.

Moonen Revolutionary Spray Filler System

Dutch shipyard Moonen Yachts is proud to announce a new update in the construction of the 36-metre superyacht YN199 with the ongoing filling and fairing application utilizing a revolutionary new spray filler developed by AkzoNobel. The application of Awlgrip’s Awlfair SF (Spray Filler) marks a world-first in the superyacht steel hull category.  Developed by AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand and applied by De Koning Yacht Painters, the innovative new process allows for wet-on-wet application, e.g. the application of up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding between coats. On top of this, spray application significantly reduces air pockets, increases the overall quality of the system and reduces both application and process time. This step change in filler technology to the superyacht industry sees a combination of AkzoNobel’s cutting-edge coatings knowledge with both the component and technology expertise of Graco and the equipment design experience of Hogg, the designer and builder of the spray machine.  Moonen CEO, Johan Dubbelman comments that this philosophy is a seamless fit for the Moonen Yachts brand. "As the shipyard is continuously searching for optimization and innovation of products and processes to be able to deliver the best yacht in the world, this new solution fits seamlessly into our strategy." Dubbelman continues “The decision to use Awlfair SF on this new build was also made after a positive recommendation from Leo van Klaveren – the well-known and highly-respected yacht painting consultant and owner of Coating Consultancy van Klaveren”.  “The use of Awlfair SF cuts application time while delivering the high-quality system appearance you expect from Awlgrip," Dubbelman adds." We're proud of our latest project with De Koning Yacht Painters using Awlfair SF and look forward to seeing YN199 hit the water later this year.”  With the Moonen team dedicated to continually developing and innovating for the benefit of each Moonen yacht, the latest project with De Koning Yacht Painters using Awlfair SF ensures that Moonen superyachts are ahead of the game.  Describing some of the advantages of the new filler and application process, De Koning Yacht Painters’ representative CEO Huub de Koning comments: "Unlike classic hand-mixing, an airless system is used to transport the volumes of filler to the yacht, reducing the risk of air-pockets to an absolute minimum. Although the system requires preparation time, there are significant time savings during the application and sanding processes. Using Awlfair SF will have a positive effect on delivery time.”  “We’re delighted that Moonen and De Koning Yacht Painters embraced this new technology, and with YN199 project, have been able to benefit from the many advantages of using this new revolutionary system,” comments Bilal Salahuddin, Yacht Coatings Director at AkzoNobel.   

Princess Donates PPE to Local Community

Following a controlled shutdown at all of its sites, Princess Yachts is today confirming it is donating its stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Plymouth City Council, who will in turn distribute to those on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19. Beneficiaries in the region will range from the NHS, through to those who are working tirelessly to keep society functioning, such as refuse collectors and other such teams operating selflessly throughout these challenging times.  The gesture comes in response to ongoing conversations between the Plymouth City Council and Princess Yachts to align efforts around challenges facing all of us as a community here in the South West. Speaking candidly, both Tudor Evans, leader of the Plymouth City council and Antony Sheriff, CEO of Princess Yachts discussed the critical gap facing medium sized business in terms of current support to tackle the Covid-19 crisis, as well as the health secretary's statement this week that there have been challenges in the supply of PPE, especially to NHS staff. With over 3000 employees, Princess is the UK's largest yacht manufacturer, and is playing its part to help ensure essential services receive the much-required protective equipment that is in short supply across the world.

Riviera 2020 Port Lincoln Classic

An action-packed weekend of fishing in the 2020 Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic has once again proved the fishing grounds off the Eyre Peninsula as superb.  In its 14th year, the Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic is a 10-kilogram line class competition that shines a light on sustainable fishing practices. It is a catch and release event that only targets Southern Bluefin tuna and is the first of its kind in Australia to disallow three-pronged fishing hooks.  Twenty-three boats with crew from far and wide took part, but it was a mix of local knowledge and a sense of adventure by the skippers of two Riviera luxury motor yachts that saw them haul in the major trophies, including a record $37,080 cheque for the heaviest fish as part of the Calcutta bid.  At the shotgun start on 21 March, while most vessels headed full throttle in a westerly direction, one hung back before taking off east towards Roslyn Shoal.  The move paid off and earned David Buckland a back-to-back win for Overall Champion Boat with 45 fish caught on Longshot, a Riviera 51 Flybridge.  “It was a chance and it paid off,” Mr Buckland said. “We knew there were tuna elsewhere, but I’d been out to Roslyn Shoal the year before and done well there. I thought a few more boats would have followed us this year, but for a while we were only three.”  Mr Buckland said within minutes they’d worked out what lures the tuna were biting.  “We put out four lines and started getting them hand over fist.”  Longshot’s crew also listed individual wins, with Emma Forster earning Champion Female with five catches and Tom Pietch taking Runner up Male with 17 catches.  Longshot is the beloved fishing vessel of the late Ron Forster, who passed in August last year. He was a founding member of the Tuna Classic and a perpetual trophy has been created in his honor.  “Ron was an avid fisherman and his boat has been set up for fishing. We went out in his honor and it was a fantastic weekend. It was great to get away for a couple of days given everything that’s been going on. The best place to be is on a Riviera out at sea.”  A total of 145 fish were caught and released across the weekend.  Weighing in at 15.8kg, it was Gilbert Le Brun’s bluefin caught on Laila Jane that won the Calcutta and secured $37,080 for himself and the crew on the Riviera 525 SUV.  Like David, Laila Jane’s skipper Mark Waller made the decision to take a risk and not follow the rest of the fleet.  “We could’ve ended up with absolutely nothing and just been out there catching whiting,” Mr Waller said. “It took us a good half an hour going backwards and forwards before all of a sudden we ran over some fish and away we went!”  Laila Jane also won First Fish Caught, Runner Up Boat with 36 fish, and had aboard Champion Male Ian Montgomery. with 19 fish. He earned himself the first Ron Forster Champion Angler Perpetual Trophy.  “We were quite shocked at the trophy presentation; it was nearly a clean sweep. That’s fishing,” Mr Waller said. “Right spot at the right time. We just got lucky.”  By mid-Saturday, another 10 boats arrived at Roslyn Shoal and by Sunday the majority of boats were there.  One skipper who didn’t make it east and chose to try his luck at the well-known and usually-guaranteed Cabbage Patch fishing grounds was Mark Hand on his 52 Flybridge Aussie Battler.  “It was a very social weekend, but not many tuna caught for us,” Mr Hand said. “We had a fantastic time anyway.”  Hailing from all over South Australia and mainly the Riverland, Mr Hand’s crew rarely get a chance to go sea fishing. “It was a great opportunity to enjoy the social company on the back of the boat and then fish for squid at night,” he said.  They also enjoyed socializing off the boat and in the wide-open spaces provided on the beach at Engine Point. With a two-kilometre stretch of beach, there was plenty of room to celebrate the trophy presentation.  “Both Saturday night at Memory Cove and Sunday at Engine Point were extremely well catered for by [event organisers] Russell Bianco and Gabi Gabbana. There was a lot of fellowship over the weekend and it was just a magnificent event.”  The Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic is a not-for-profit organisation. It donates 10 per cent of the total funds of the fiercely contested Calcutta to keep the voluntary radio operations functioning.  As its founding sponsor, Riviera enjoys a longstanding relationship with the Tuna Classic.  “We are proud to support the Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic and applaud the tournament’s principles of sustainable fishing practices,” said Riviera owner and chairman Rodney Longhurst.  “We’re also especially delighted that the Classic encourages the whole family to participate in what has become a great and growing annual tournament on the Australian fishing calendar.”

Sirena Sells Five

Sirena Yachts is proud to announce that it has sold five units of the Sirena 88 flagship model since its world debut at 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. Two of these were sold to owners in North America and two in Europe, with the fifth hull selling to a Russian owner at the boot Düsseldorf boat show in January.  Commercial Director Ali Onger comments: “The Sirena 88 is so popular because it offers the largest interior volume in its class. We’re talking about an 7.1-meter/23’2” beam; there is nothing else like that in this size bracket, without even mentioning its 25-knot maximum speed. And its range is impressive too: around 2,100 nautical miles at 9 knots. All these factors are serious advantages for our clients. Interior decoration is going to be different for each of the boats and they will reflect their respective owners' needs. Its layout is also customizable, so long as the alterations do not interfere with technical aspects of the yacht.”  The first Sirena 88 will be delivered in April 2020, with the following unit to be received by the owner at the end of the summer. The third yacht’s delivery is scheduled for late 2020, and the fourth and fifth are due in April and June 2021.  Sirena’s Director of North American Sales, Constantinos Constantinou, adds: “I see two main contributing factors to the Sirena 88’s success: firstly, the superb job done by our designers and engineers, evidenced by an Innovation award the 88 has received. The second success factor is our reputation and brand recognition. Sirena builds yachts of exceptional quality with impressive performance on the water with numerous innovations and unique features that are focused on safety and efficiency. This is being increasingly recognized by discerning yacht buyers and the yachting world alike.”

Viking Key West Challenge Cancelled

The Viking Key West Challenge is truly a wonderful success, bringing together Viking owners, dealers, vendors and their families and friends every spring in a beautiful setting to celebrate the boating and fishing lifestyle.  Regretfully, as a precautionary action in accordance with recommendations of health officials, Viking has decided to cancel this year's Key West Challenge scheduled for April 15-18.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in response to the Corona Virus pandemic has recommended canceling events with 50 or more people for the next eight weeks throughout the U.S. In addition, Florida's Monroe County and the City of Key West have each declared a State of Emergency.  The health and well-being of everyone involved is our top priority, and we believe in doing our part to bring an end to the spread of the coronavirus.  Viking has rescheduled the event for April 7-10, 2021. Participants and sponsors may use their registrations as credit for next year or be issued a refund.  Viking is determined to make the 7th annual Viking Key West Challenge better than ever! More than just a fishing tournament, the VKWC is four days of food, fishing and fun for members of the Viking family in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes camaraderie and fellowship.

Viking at Los Suenos Triple Crown

Leg #2 of the Los Suenos Triple Crown was an intense fight to the finish. Day One saw the Viking 62 Team Galati release a marlin and 15 sailfish to finish in 3rd Place amongst the fleet of 41 battlewagons. Two marlin and 5 sails on Day Two put Team Galati in the top spot going into the final day. And then it was a roller coaster! Team Galati bounced around the leader board all day in a nail biter. Captain Tony Carrizosa put his team on a marlin an hour before lines out that cemented their win with a total of five marlin and 25 sailfish during Leg #2. This puts the crew in 3rd Place in the series going into the final leg which starts on Tuesday, March 24. Team Galati seems to like the 2nd Leg of the Triple Crown as they have won it in 2014, 2015, 2019 and now 2020.

Viking at Fourth Annual Marina Casa de Campo Open

With a hot start, the Viking 76 Blackhawk, won the 4th Annual Marina Casa de Campo Open. The team released five blue marlin to capture the top trophy. Angler Dawn Samuels released four blue marlin to put the Viking 66 Princess Lily on the leaderboard in 3rd Place. Dawn was named the Top Lady Angler for her four blues and her Top Gamefish, a 130-pound yellowfin tuna. During the tournament she tagged her 100th blue marlin. Set at the world-class Marina Casa de Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic, this fun team event focused on release fishing for blue and white marlin along with sailfish. Tuna, dolphin and wahoo were eligible to be weighed.

March 30, 2020

New Model: Princess V55

Princess present the new V55 featuring a sleek and dynamic exterior profile coupled with an intelligent use of space and the performance qualities synonymous with the V Class range. Her main deck has been purposely designed for those who enjoy true open-boating. The expansive cockpit features a large L-shaped seating area with additional seating aft around a substantial folding teak table served by a wet-bar opposite with electric barbecue. This area connects to the saloon via a drop down sliding door and opening window aft of the galley, seamlessly integrating the two living areas as required. Her main deck also boasts a large sun-pad located aft of the cockpit and a further fore-deck seating and sunbathing area. The V55 continues to deliver throughout her lower deck with optimum use of space and multiple accommodation options. Featuring three generous guests cabins, she is class leading for a yacht of her size. Her ensuite master stateroom utilizes the full beam of the yacht. Additional guests can enjoy the ensuite forward cabin which benefits from the option of scissor berths in addition to a third bunk cabin. There is also the option of a single aft cabin for crew or occasional guest.  The Princess V55 is powered by twin Volvo 1000hp with line shaft propulsion, which give top speed up to 37 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.81 m (58.5ft)
Hull Length - 17.2 m
Beam - 4.65 m
Draft - 1.40 m
Displacement - 27500 kg medium load
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacity - 550 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 37 knots max

March 29, 2020

Web: Mag Bay New Web Site

Mag Bay presents its new virtual World wide web showroom.  Mag Bay was founded in 2016 by Mike and Barrett Howarth.  In reality the story of Mag Bay starts in 1969, when Mike Howarth enters into boat building becoming a fiberglass tooling and plug creator for wood boat construction in California.  After this Mike joins Pacific Trawler and Islander Yachts, and here he meets Henry Mohrschladt, with the two joining forces and founding Pacific Seacraft, building thousands of sailboats and selling this business in 1989.  One year later to this Mike and Henry began building a 35 feet flybridge sportfish cruiser, which in 1991 they launch and introduces the Cabo brand.   After a sixteen year run in 2007 Mike and Henry sell Cabo to Brunswick.  In 2016 pushed by his son Barrett Howarth, Mike launches the new Mag Bay brand first with a 33 feet outboard powered center console.  In 2020 Mag Bay launches its new second 42 model.  Mag Bay new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Design, 32CC, 42, Videos, History, Reviews, Dealers, News and Contact.  Mag Bay is also on social media with a link at the bottom of the page taking you into its Instagram. Facebook, Vimeo pages.

March 28, 2020

New Model: Heysea Atlantic 115

Chinese yard Heysea Yachts has launched the first hull of its Atlantic 115. The first of a new Atlantic series, construction officially began in March 2018 after the keel was laid in September 2017.  Built to MCA and RINA standards, this raised pilothouse super yacht was developed in collaboration with Jure Bukavec of Uniellè Yacht Design. The interior has been developed by H2 Yacht Design, features accommodation for up to twelve guests split across five staterooms and a convertible Cabana-style beach club. The main-deck master cabin is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch as it benefits from 270-degree panoramic views out to sea. Other key features include an Opacmare Transformer swim platform, a spacious sundeck and crew accommodation for a staff of up to five people. The Heysea Atlantic 115 is powered by twin 1925hp Caterpillar engines for a top speed of 24 knots and a cruising range of 2000 nautical miles at ten knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 35.2 m (115.4ft)
Beam - 8.38 m
Draft - 1.72 m
Fuel Capacity - 20596 l
Water Capacity - 4497 l
Accommodation - twelve guests in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats C32 Acert 1925hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots max 10 knots economic cruise
Range - 2000 nm at 10 knots
Project - Jure Bukavec of Unielle Yacht Design exterior, H2 interior
Certification - MCA, Rina C hull Mach Y short range

March 27, 2020

Out-News = Super Yacht Capsizes in Perama Greece

Super Yacht Nourah of Riyad of seventy meters capsized in Perama, Athens Greece as it was doing lifting out operations on Monday morning sixteenth March.  The Yachtley Turkish build super yacht partially sank during the incident.  No injuries and marine pollution have been reported during the incident.
Measuring seventy meters in length Nourah of Riyad was build by Yachtley in Kocaeli, Turkey to a design of Donald Starkey in 2008.  Nourah can accommodate 22 guests in eleven cabins, with a crew of eighteen and is powered by twin Cats 3150hp, allowing her to reach top speeds up to nineteen knots, and a cruise of twelve knots giving a range of just over five thousand nautical miles.

Project: Prestige X70

In 2020, Prestige is launching a new product line which will start with the X70 as the first model of the range.  This Prestige X-line is designed by its long standing designer Garroni, with the concept coming from Valentina Militerno de Romedis and here the French brand part of the Beneteau Group aims to reinvent spaces and ease of movement on board. Created in a spirit of a larger yacht, the X70 offers infinite possibilities, blurring the line between the exterior and the interior. Based on volume, circulation and light, this concept for a luxury crossover enables you to benefit from the full beam of the yacht used to its maximum resource, reinventing space on board thanks to the wide body design.  The X70 is set apart by a radically different use of space. A traditional Flybridge uses 70% of the beam of the yacht for circulation via the sidedecks. The X70 breaks with these codes, although in pure honesty it not the first motor yacht which is doing this.  Fair to say that the wide body was first introduced in the USA starting in the eighties, on some of the fifteen meter plus motor yacht models, and in Europe Conam first with the 48 Chorum did introduce this design solution in lower sub fifteen meters models as what looks a distance year 1988.  The Chorum line did eventually introduce a 54 in 1993, which became a 60 in around 2004, and then also the 75 model flagship in 2005.  Obviously yacht design has evolved since then and in the Prestige X70 we will see latest design evolution.  Some details I like is the flash deck fore deck, while the aft deck offers a huge amount of space for this size of motor yacht.  No details are plans given yet for the interior but Prestige says the X70 is offered in three or four cabins layout sleeping six or eight persons.  Crew accommodation is for two persons.  The Prestige X70 is to be powered by standard Volvo 900hp engines, with optional for twin 1000hp units.  Top speed is estimated up to 29 knots.

March 26, 2020

New Model: Wim Van Der Valk Beachclub 660

The Van der Valk BeachClub line provides an unrivaled amount of exterior and interior space by locating the engine room in the further aft area under the swimming platform. After the first BeachClub 600 model, which launched in Summer 2019, the Dutch builder followed it with the larger 660.  A new way of thinking, the Beachclub series designed by Dutch designer Cor D.Rover is an innovative range of motor yachts and will pioneer the incredible degree of space on offer.  Three outdoor zones optimize the al fresco lifestyle. An enormous fore-deck area offers various layout options, including a Jacuzzi, the cockpit deck is an impressive location with an outside steering position, and a beach club aft features a smart swimming platform and a sun lounge area.  The Wim Van Der Valk Beachclub 660 offers two lounges, while next to the interior pilot house on the main deck, and another on the lower deck aft area. Accommodation is for three double cabins, with an owners suite forward.  A crew cabin with private head is located to starboard side in behind the large aft lounging area.  The Beachclub 660 is powered by twin Volvo 800hp which allow it to reach speeds up to 25 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.50 m (67.2ft)
Waterline Length - 18.8 m
Beam - 5.80 m
Draft - 1.50 m
Displacement - 38 t
Fuel Capacity - 4100 l
Water Capacity - 750 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 800hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS3 pod drives
Speed - 25 knots max 20 knots cruise
Hull Shape - moderate Vee with hard chine
Construction - aluminium h321 for hull, h111 for super structure
Project - Cor D.Rover exterior and interior, Ginton naval arhitecture
Certification - CE A