April 27, 2024

Viking Sportfish Collides Into Blackwater River Bridge

A thirteen meter Viking sportfish cruiser titled Y-Not collided with a bridge in Blackwater river in Milton, Florida on the afternoon of 26 April.  The Viking sportfish was un-attended during the collision, and is reported to have been moving back and forth around the area in recent weeks, sometimes moored to a dock and other times on anchor.  Strong winds are what caused the collision with the bridge, with the US Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission trying to trace the ownership of Y-Not, which is known to be a liveaboard boat for one male person.
Y-Not is a Viking 45 Convertible as produced between 1987 to 93 in around 250 units. The 45 Convertible was Viking's best eighties success, a stepping stone to the successful growth of the New Jersey sportfish boat and  yacht builder.  The 45 Convertible came out as a replacement to the 46 Convertible Sport Fisher, and was replaced by the 47 Convertible in 1994.

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