August 16, 2018

Alfamarine New Web Site

Alfamarine from Fiumicino the West sea side of the Italian capital city Rome presents its new World wide web showroom.  Alfamarine and Fazioli make a great part of the Italian story of pleasure boating from the mid seventies onward with some record breaking models in the making.  Alfamarine started its course in 1955 when Marcello Fazioli enters boat racing not only as a racer but also by building outboard powered speed boats for himself and on commission.  But the story of Alfamarine as a boat builder starts in 1975 when the yard in Fiumicino is founded and Marcello Fazioli launches the 40 Bronte model designed by Renato Sonny Levi and Franco Harrauer, two of the most innovative naval architects of the time specialized in fast deep Vee bottoms, who the lessons and innovations they introduced are still very much valid then as today.  Build of fiberglass the Alfamarine 40 Bronte is a huge success becoming the yard all time best seller with 146 units sold over its production run, and offered with two propulsion choices; Levi's Step surface drive and the standard line shaft, and available in three versions S for the open, Motoryacht for the flybridge, and the Fisherman with a lowered stern.  Alfamarine moves forward and after the success of the first model launches the bigger Alfamarine 60 Delta, and then the 16,50 Motoryacht.  A 35 is presented in 1985 the fourth and smallest ever produced model by Alfamarine, what is a chopped smaller 40 Bronte sport cruiser designed again by Franco Harrauer.  In the eighties Alfamarine competes with neighboring central and South Italian builders for making fast seaworthy large yachts; and Harrauer again designs the company first super yacht, the 83 Cronos a deep 25 degrees Vee deadrise hulled with a wide body upper structure design which will sell in six units.  The Cronos will reach 32 knots speeds with standard twin 1400hp engines, and will also be offered as the 83 Super Cronos with triple engines totalling 5000hp and Arneson surface drives project who in theory should have arrived up to fifty knots but unfortunately no unit sold with this power.  An Alfamarine 90 is later launched in 1993, what is an extended 83 Cronos with a totally re-invented more traditional not wide body upper structure.  After the 83 Cronos, Harrauer will design the Alfamarine 65 launched in 1991 and based on the 55 hull but with a triple Man 1000hp set up reaching speeds of sixty knots, 61.5 to be exact as recorded during its sea trials.  Always precise and technical in the details Alfamarine will launch other models over the years, the 55 in 1990 sees the yard go into a more conservative style and will sell in ten units.  Launched first as the 47 in 1991 and in 1995 becoming the 50 this model sees Alfamarine go into more modern nineties styling featuring a sloop stern design and later 1995 and newer versions also featuring an integrated windshield radar arch design and extended bathing platform.  The Alftamarine 50 will also embrace the Italian aft cabin sport cruiser yacht which was so popular in the eighty and nineties by many sport cruiser and yacht biulders of the shoe shaped peninsula.  The 50 is followed by the similar styled and smaller Alfamarine 43 designed by Fabio Buzzi and launched in 1994 and becoming the 47 in 1997, what is a model just as the 50 still offered in the production catalogue.  The Alfamarine 60 is launched in 1998 and is followed in 2002 with the 58, a modern version of the 1990 launched 55.  In 2003 Alfamarine launched the custom full displacement, steel construction and its largest build to date 140 triple deck to a design of Andrea Bacigalupo, who is then again used in the much admired 78 launched in 2004 and its smaller 72 sister in 2007.   Alfarmaine has won various prizes over the years with the most important being the Golden Keel awarded in 1985 for the 83 Cronos, and 2005 European Prize for the 78.  Today Alfamarine is managed by founder Marcello Fazioli and his son Andrea, and together apart offering a full refit service in Fiumicino offer seven build to order semi custom sport cruiser and yachts which start with the 47, and go up to the one off build 140.  Alfamarine latest model is the the hard-top updated 60 presented in 2009.  Alfamarine new website takes you around with the following buttons; Our Story, Building Site, Services, Achievements, and Contacts. Alfamarine is also on social media with button links to its Facebook and Youtube pages at the right top corner of the page.
Production History;
40 Bronte Fly 1975-90 (146) *includes S
40 Bronte S 1978-90 (146) includes Fly
60 Delta 1978 (1)
16.50 1981-90
83 Cronos 1982-92 (6)
35 1985-90
55 1990-93 (5)
47 1991-94
65 1991 (1)
90 1993 (1)
43 1994-96
50 1995-
47 1997-
60 1998-
58 2002-
47 m 2003 (1)
78 2004-15 (10)
72 2007-12 (6)
60 HT 2009-

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