August 17, 2014

Blu Martin New Web Site

Blu Martin presents its new World wide web showroom, to be exact it's version three. Founded in 2001, by Francesco Mauri, at first one thinks it is a young builder. But in reality there is much experience in Blu Martin with Mauri coming from over twenty years as building director with a renowned Como powerboat builder, and deciding to fund his own brand. Mauri work was soon made to fruit in 2003 with the launching of the first Blu Martin, the 13.50 Sun Top which becomes a huge success in the Italian market for its three double cabins layout and its T-top radar arch, so much that two years later a three part hard-top sister is added in the 13.90 Sea Top which follows and surpasses the success of the first model. In 2013 Blu Martin was bought out by Sea Engineering S.r.l. The company today features four models in it's range; ST 13.90, ST 48, ST 52, and ST 58. The new Blu Martin website is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Blu Martin, Fleet, Dealers and Services, and My Blu Martin.
Production History;
13.50 Sun Top 2003-10 (100+) includes 13.90
13.90 Sea Trop 2005-15 (100+) includes 13.50 *13.50 Sea Top project
ST58 2009-12 *ST55 project
ST 52 2010-12
ST 48 2012-
ST 13.90 2016-
55 Classic 2024-

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