June 11, 2014

Project: Austin Parker 36 Hybrid

The Austin Parker 36 Hybrid project is an evolution of the classic 36 foot boat, the latest to be launched on the market by the Italian yard, in 2013. This traditional lobster cruiser inspired boat can be operated in three ways: driven by the diesel engines, using the electric motors only with zero fuel consumption, or with a combination of the diesel and electric for the highest performance, estimated at 27 knots. On long trips, the 36 Hybrid can be powered by the electric motors and diesel engines in alternation: when the engines are in operation, the batteries that power electric propulsion can be recharged. Therefore, when electric and Diesel propulsion are alternated, fuel consumption is cut drastically by about 50%. This hybrid drive system brings many benefits, both in terms of fuel saving and a reduction in the emission produced, and with regard to the potential use of the boat, since it can be used without restrictions on lakes and rivers, especially in Northern Europe, and in marine parks and nature reserves, without damage to the environment. As well as its innovative propulsion system, the Austin Parker 36 Hybrid features several important new details: the hard top is in carbon, while the sun roof (which slides open) is fitted with photo-voltaic panels to charge the lithium battery system. The teak of all the decking and interior floors is in synthetic material, which is much lighter, tough and of the highest quality. The hull is painted pale grey with the gunwales finished with polyurethane paint for a long maintenance-free life. Not just innovation: Austin Parker is also famed for its style, elegance and attention to details. Sophisticated materials and craftsman-like care make this yacht a worthy heir to those that have shaped the history of lobster boats in Italy.

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