April 7, 2019

Web: Albermarle New Web Site

Albemarle from the Carolina USA presents its new World wide showroom.  Founded in 1978 by Scott Harell Sr. Albemarle first model was the 24 it launched a year after in 1979.  In 1990 the company changed helmsman and started being guided by J.Scott Harell Jr. In 1991 Mac Privott who was with Albemarle since 1978 founds Carolina Classic.  Albemarle continues to grow and in 2000 it launches its still largest 410 Express model, and a year later to this it moves into a new building site in Midway Drive.  In 2005 Albemarle joins Brunswick Corporation.  Since then Albemarle had a few other ownership changes; in 2009 sold to Scott McLauglin who in 2011 also purchases Carolina Classic.  In 2015 Murphy Alternative Investments purchases both Albemarle and Carolina Classic who unite them into one brand.  Today Albemarle offers a line up of seven models which start from the 25 Express and  go up to the 41 Convertible.  Albemarle new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Videos, Boats, About, Shop, Dealers, and Contact.  Albemarle is also on social media with link at the bottom of the entry page taking you to its Twitter and Facebook pages.

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