April 1, 2019

blogger - Twelve Years and Counting

It's been over twelve years since I founded PowerYachtBlog, year 2007.  The inspiration come from what at the time was Valencia Sailing.  A sailing rag and stick blog mostly focused on the Americas Cup, which I was very much following at the time and since 1999.  I think that period was the best time for sailing and boating in general.  The Americas Cup was a healthy does of publicity to the general public, due to the huge media following for the 2000, 2003, and 2007 Americas Cup events.  I think and including the one of the 1992 these where the best events the sport ever had.
PowerYachtBlog has since started with a structure which was very much unchanged, what we are doing less since some years now are the boat reviews, and I know some would like to see more of these but they have time frames in doing them, that currently I cannot afford.  Still the blog has expanded in some areas, as the blogger article every month which I think gives a perspective I have about and regarding the industry in general.  What ever is happening here I hope you viewers and followers are enjoying it.  
Would be interesting to see if you feel the blog needs something new or fresh and what it is.

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