July 13, 2018

Project: Azimut Grande 25 Metri

Set to launch in September 2018 at the Cannes boat show Azimut presents the project of the Grande 25 Metri, new entry level of the big super yacht range of the famous Italian motor boats builder, which with this model starts today at 25 meters in length.  The Azimut Grande 25 Metri should also be a replacement for the 80 which was launched in Summer 2013.  Designed by the usual since early nineties Azimut designer Stefano Righini, the Grande 25 Metri presents itself as a streamlined super yacht that seems sculpted in wind, with ample space for life in the open air, to keep the connection with the sea alive. As most of the latest Azimut models the 25 Metri is to be built what the Italian builder calls Carbon Tech, meaning for a super structure, roll bar, hard-top and transom build of the light and strong carbon fiber technology.  The Grande 25 Metri is created for owners who likes a sporty looking flybrdge super yacht, something which is definitely not new from Azimut with models as the 68 Plus and 98 Leonard clearly being the first inspiration for the Italian builder and Righini in the end nineties and early parts of the new second millennium for this design direction. The interior design of the Grande 25 Metri is by Achille Salvagni who presents an unprecedented mix of the elegant and the casual, large volumes, a garage for the tender and a totally separate crew circuit to offer the owner maximum privacy, without affecting the boat’s contours, which seem light, sleek and almost sensual. Another surprising aspect in the interior design, which gives an original twist to the living area: with the typical separation of sofa and dining areas making way for one big refined setting, decorated with great care and personality. So, when no one is dining inside, there’s much more space to enjoy in two comfy living areas. If needed, the table in front of the sofa can be raised to become a spacious dining table for eight. Still the Grande 25 Metri shows flexibility and for those who prefer their spaces laid out in a more traditional way another version based on the classical approach is also available. Achille Salvagni also accents the desire for informality by introducing lacquered surfaces in colors ranging from purple to sugar paper, skillfully weighed to establish new tenets of class and refinement, in a continuously developing style that never opts for the obvious.  The galley and helm station can be separated from the other settings by sliding doors and switchable frosted glass panels, allowing the crew to get on with their business without interfering with the lives of the owner and guests.  The four cabins are in the lower Deck and three of them have double beds, while the crew has a cabin for the captain, a second cabin with bunk beds, and a crew mess that can be accessed from a stairway aft of the superstructure.  The Azimut Grande 25 Metri is powered by a twin standard Man engines of 1650hp and or optional 1800hp units.

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