July 10, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 5 of 5

The Casa 38 T-Top is nearing completion and in the above photo we are seeing a very close image to what will be the final product.  An indeed great sport cruiser even with some important details not yet fitted.  But the windshield is fitted, engines installed, and passarelle also.  In the above picture the Casa 38 T-Top construction status is all about refining the details which will make it from good to a fantastic, and special for its owner considering the custom detailing that went into the build.  With most details refined and cleared the Casa 38 T-Top will go for its first sea trials, and then again it will return for the fitment of the T-Top, after which hand over to a proud owner, who had the opportunity to follow and customize the construction from start to finish will be given.  An unusual story for an eleven meter sport cruiser, with most builds in this size being a start to finish standard production build with very little to decide for the owner in design both outside and inside.

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