September 26, 2016

Propulsion: Top System TT

Topsystem presents an innovative system to surface drives with a variable direction to planing boats to high performances of research and development activity lasting years. The peculiar qualities of Topsystem transmissions are represented by the shape and size of the drives besides the particular section of the directional fin. This combination induces less hydrodynamic drag than a comparable propulsion allowing an influx of more clean water for the propeller. All this translates into greater efficiency and hence a better final push. Through partnerships with leading companies in the electronics industry and the marine automation Top System has been enhanced with added value optional aimed at simplifying the use of surface propellers, and can be installed on the entire TopSystem propulsion range which goes from 200 to 4000hp. The best known is the electronic system Easytrim produced and developed in partnership with Onyx: this management software automatically adjusts the position of the propulsion depending on the boat loading conditions and the engine acting on trim and flap. Even the driving style can be customized also depending on sea conditions and the use of the touch-screen display. Obviously the manual controls are always available to ensure maximum driving pleasure in the pursuit of best performance. 

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