October 7, 2013

New Model: Uniesse 49 Open

It is always a challenge for a boat builder to re-invent or replace a successful model in its line up which has been long standing for over a decade.  This is the case for this new Uniesse 49 Open, which in reality does not replace but updates the appreciated, respected and the since its launch in 1996 has been called the timeless 48.  The 49 is in nearly all details the same sport cruiser, inside and outside layout, exterior line giving a tribute to the Carolina sportfishers as designed by Fred Hudson nearly two decades ago. And really why should they change much, the 48 Open was as close to perfection you can get in superb US European style mix, being its sea keeping quality as are its construction standards, as its well appointed interior which offers good accommodation for a sport cruiser measuring fifteen meters. But look skin deep and the Uniesse 49 Open show its new elements; smaller engine power with more speed on tap thanks to ZF Zeus propulsion, an added comfort to its guests aft with an up and down bathing platform, and legal change thanks to less length on ISO rules.  Uniesse has always been a conservative builder, and with the 49 Open, it shows that it still has that important spirit at heart.  Surely the 49 Open updates the 48 with the important propulsion change the ZF Zeus pod drives, giving a more spirit lively handling as well as better economy at the pump.  This reduces engine horse power needs from 715 to 600hp while still reaching a top speed of 38 knots, important to note plus two nautical miles per hour versus the standard shaft choice power.  For those still looking for a traditional line shaft set up Uniesse still offers the 49 Open with this set up, from a standard Cummins 715hp or optional MAN 800hp units. The length change marks also a significant change to the Uniesse 49 Open as with this new dimensions the 49 Open comes under the fourteen meter tax rules as amended in Italy past June.  Yes the Uniesse 49 Open does not replace the 48 it just makes it better.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.86 m (51.9ft)
Length - 13.6 m
Beam - 4.62 m
Draft - 1.12 m
Displacement - 17,100 kg full load
Fuel Capacity - 1850 l
Water Capacity - 580 l
Accommodaiton - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Cummuns Zeus 600hp, Cummins 715hp, MAN 800hp
Propulsion - ZF Zeus aft looking pods with Cummins 600hp, line shaft propulsion
Speed - 38 knots max with Cummins ZF Zeus pods 600hp, 36 knots with Cummins 715hp
Construction - hand laid fiberglass; vinilester and isoftalic resin, unidirectional and woven fiberglass.  Airex sandwich core for topsides.
Project - Fred Hudson
Certification - CE B

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