September 29, 2013

Web: Sunseeker New Web Site

Renowned British builder Sunseeker updates its world wide web showroom to a new 2013 platform. The new web-site is totally renovated to the previous version.  Sunseeker was founded in 1960 by Robert Braithwaithe as Poole Powerboats Limited at first importing boats from the USA and Scandinavia, and later on in the early seventies started building its own first breed of boats from 17 to 23 feet.  The company helped since its early days by British powerboat famed designer Don Shead has since then continued building larger cruisers and yachts reaching always bigger sizes.  An important mile stone for Sunseeker was reached in 1995 when the company launched its first Super Yacht with the 80 Predator model.  This opened a whole new era for Sunseeker which today is a big representative of the plus eighty super yacht size global order book with a 40 Meter Yacht delivered, and a 155 being in advanced building stages.  Sunseeker was this year 2013 bought by Chinese company Dalian Wanda Group, now holding a majority 92% stake share in the famed boat builder.  The Poole company current line up features six model ranges; Yacht, Sport Yacht, Predator, Manhattan, San Remo, and Portofino.  The current entry level model is the 40 Portofino, and the largest is the still in construction 155 Yacht.  The latest model for 2013 is the 55 Manhattan.   Sunseeker new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Menu, Home, About Us, News and Events, plus tabs for the six ranges.  Sunseeker is also featured on the social media with its dedicated pages on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and has its Appstore all linked from the new website in the right bottom corner.  

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