November 12, 2011

Web: Giorgi New Web Site

Giorgi is an Italian boat company who presents its new World wide virtual showroom.  Giorgi was founded in 1954 on the Adriatic sea, in Pesaro.  It first started as a company repairing boats and yachts, which it later moved on to producing cruisers in the seventies.  In the eighties Giorgi fame grew thanks to the solid construction of its builds; and models such as the X10, and the 39 and 46 designed by Fulvio De Simoni.  These last two models apart being good sellers at the time are still very much sought after today in the used boat market. In 2004 after a period of stop production, the boat building brand has since then been sold and now has moved to a new establishment in Bergamo, North Italy.  The current Giorgi line up features eleven models all of sport design from the 45 Open, to the 80 Hard Top.  The four large models from the 55 to the 80 Hard Top are still in project stages.  Giorgi new web site available in Italian takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Fleet, Dealers, Used, News, and Contacts.   

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