November 10, 2011

Project: Sasga 32

Sasga who just recently has launched its first model the 42, presents an important entry level project the 32.  Measuring just ten meters in length the Sasga 32 follows the Spanish Llaut fishing boat design, and takes it in style to become a traditional looking cruiser.  The Sasga 32 will offer two separate cabins located below, with a living and galley on the main deck by the pilothouse to starboard side.  Huge view windows characterize the Sasga 32 from the super structure, to the below cabin deck.  Power is from twin 230hp engines, which should give a top speed of 18 knots the slowest of the Sasga range so far, as both the bigger 42 and 54 are capable of 23 knots wide open throttle performance. Cruise is from 16 to 12 knots, reminding that the slower you go the better range to gain, and also better fuel consumption to the nautical mile.

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