November 23, 2011

Project: Bruno Abbate B41 Primatist Aerotop Pininfarina

Spy photo of a prototype or rendering?  I will let your imagination decide this.  But the Bruno Abbate B41 Primatist Aerotop Pininfarina is the replacement model to one of the recent best sellers of the Como boat builder the G41 Aerotop Evolution in production from 2002 till the early part of this year 2011.  The B41 Primatist Aerotop Prininfarina is again a design of the famous Italian firm, renowned for legendary automobiles and also some yachts.  With this project Bruno Abbate now unites all its model under the Pininfarina design a collaboration which started with the current flagship G70, and continued with the G46, G53, and recently presented B62.  Power will be a three engine choice from Volvo starting at 330 up to 400hp all stern drive propulsion.  A top speed of 40 knots is estimated with the large twin 400hp option.

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