November 1, 2011

blogger - The Storm

The Storm is not the next movie flick involving some motor boater in gale force winds and high seas, but is in my experience what the boat building industry has been experiencing since 2009 with very little good days in between.  That is a three years period of very difficult market situation. 
After the global melt down and sub prime crisis in 2009, we have seen bits of 2010, and more in 2011 of the sovereign debt crisis involving mostly Europe and other developed countries.  The situation is not good considering that most of the countries involved represent core growth or good market value for most European and US boat builders.  Those builders who have a global market share with a World wide distribution feel a bit better in this situation but even these have tremendous sales decreases, which growing markets as Brazil, India, and China cannot actually cover.  
So what does the future hold for the coming year? Can the market which now features double the competition to what it had ten years ago, return back to sustained levels, and more stable conditions.  Only a couple of more months can reply to this question.  But with the war in Libya finished the economy and market should settle down things to a more normal status in the upcoming months.