August 16, 2011

Engine: Volvo D6-400 400hp

Volvo Penta invented the high-performance diesel sterndrive in 1977 and has been the undisputed market leader in this constantly expanding segment ever since. The latest addition confirms this position: a 400 hp version of the D6 engine, matched with a refined DPH Duoprop drive which equals to be the current world’s most powerful diesel sterndrive.  Back in 1977, the high performance diesel sterndrive was launched in the form of Volvo Penta’s D40 with single prop drive. A mere 125 hp powered boats such as the Sunseeker 23 DC. The launch of Duoprop and the compressor concept quickly made Volvo Penta the first choice for diesel sport performance.  The D6-400 engine is based on the proven design of the IPS600 engine. Compared to the current D6-370, the 400-version has supercharging with a larger turbo and a tuned mechanical compressor. The charge air cooler has increased capacity to handle the increased flow, and the cooling system has a new heat exchanger and improved oil cooling. The combustion chamber features modified design, a new valve position and increased capacity injectors. The efficient combustion leads to low overall emissions.  Torque is also important in the new D6-400 and this is where the Volvo Penta compressor concept excels by producing charge air, and thereby a massive torque directly from low rpms. The D6-370 is today unmatched and the new D6-400 is 10 % better. Already at 2000 rpm it reaches its maximum torque of 970 Nm – enough to produce safe and fast acceleration onto the plane for great driving enjoyment.  Another Volvo Penta specialty is to develop engine, drive and propellers as a package, rather than separate components. This is essential to transform the torque and power to acceleration, top speed and driving pleasure. The DPH Duoprop drive was introduced in 2003 as the strongest and most efficient sterndrive ever. To handle the D6-400 while still maintaining a slim and efficient underwater body, Volvo Penta developed new technology.  The upper unit comes with a new bearing box with a new roller bearing, a reinforced suspension fork and redesigned gear geometry. The lower unit features gear with geometry developed by Volvo Penta and made from unique super-high tensile steel with efficient lubrication. Lubrication has also been redesigned to ensure that the drive can handle the tremendous forces with high reliability.

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