August 1, 2011

blogger - August the Sea is One

August the sea is one, and today the marinas are many with most of them being half empty in the high season.  With a traffic of transit boats apparently decreased by 20%, fuel spending by 50% the situation is apparently not very good in the Mediterranean marinas and these percentage reflect the best of forecasts being told by the harbours themselves.  Should we say the boat owners have become choosy, or with the recession hitting Europe hard at the moment some boats are left in harbour or on the hard.  I think it is a bit of both. 
Today many owners check the web where to go and then a list is scheduled what is more convenient to each individual.  That means that boat owners are being more careful and planning a well laid trip with sleeping on anchor if weather permitting also being hard on the cards for saving money and why not, enjoying the boat even more.
As for the fuel I still am surprised how the boat builders and related associations never protest on the cost of fuel for boats.  In Europe which has the higher costs for fuel, of which a large portion is taxes with most of them being about roads; maintenance, construction, updating etc.  That means that when you are refuelling your boat, you are paying for the roads you don't use, as the sea as it is was here way before humans appeared on the nice planet Earth.  For the quays and harbours, I think boat owners already pay useless taxes all over for this, plus exaggerated marinas fees for having two bollards, and a pair of ropes. 
Saying all this I don't accept boat fuel to be tax free, but I think a discount on marine used Diesel should be a sign to appreciation for a hobby which apart looking glamorous, and being costly does also give a lot of jobs.

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