March 20, 2011

Projects: Benetti Sail Division 160 Logica, Benetti Sail Division 147 Logica, Benetti Sail Division 115 Logica

Benetti Sail Division from Viareggio presents the new Logica range of super yachts which will start at 98 and go up to 160 feet. This range will have six models and all will have a semi displacement hull, and be designed by Italian naval architect Luca Brenta. Three decks and bow coming from early twenty century design is a symbol of all the Logica designs. Pictured above is the rendering of the 160 Logica, the biggest in the current Benetti Sail Division offers. This super yacht will have a six double guest cabin interior, with an owners stateroom located on the main deck. Crew space is for nine members. Interesting are the running with a power of only two 1319hp Cat engines giving a 15 knots max, 14 of cruise, and a 10 economic speed. This last giving a range of 5700 nautical miles. The Benetti Sail Division 147 Logica project is the second in size project from this Viareggio Italy builder. Luca Brenta again present similar lines to the other Logica models, and an interior which offers the same sleeping capacity as the bigger sister. The 147 Logica in fact sleeps 12 guest in six suite. Crew space is also for nine persons. Power is just like the big sister from twin 1319hp Cat engines which interesting offer the same speeds; 15 knots max, 14 cruise and a 10 knots economic. The range at economic speed is a 4700 nautical miles, one thousand less to the bigger model but this happens because of less fuel tank capacity. The 115 Logica project sits at a very popular size from Benetti Sail Division. Again to a design of Luca Brenta the 115 Logica is a three deck super yacht with a twelve berths, six double suites interior. The owners room will be on the main deck. Crew space is for seven persons. Power is from twin MAN 1000hp which give a top speed of 14 knots, 13 of cruise, and 10 on economic run to the semi displacement hull. At economic 10 knots the range is 4100 nautical miles, before needing to refuel.

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