July 18, 2008

Project: Mochi 23 Long Range

Ferretti Group with it's Mochi Craft brand challenges the nautical world with this new project, the 23 Long Range zero emission hybrid propulsion explorer yacht, and the new FER.WAY hull, an innovative special hull designed by the Ferretti Engineering department for maximum efficiency at the range of 10 to 15 knots. The 23 Long Range is a revolutionary three deck motor yacht and with it Mochi Craft rewrites the history of the international nautical sector. Driven by the passion of Norberto Ferretti and made possible by the years of research carried out by Ferretti’s AYT Advanced Yacht Technology division, led by Andrea Frabetti, in collaboration with the Studio Zuccon International Project the new 75 feet Long Range embodies an unprecedented distillation of innovation and technology. Conceived for lovers of long-distance cruising and extended voyages, the Long Range 23 is the first craft to obtain the RINA “Green Star Clean Energy and Clean Propulsion” certification, the most rigorous certification standard that can be applied to a pleasure craft. After creating the Italian Lobster Boat Style with the Dolphin line launched in 2003, Mochi Craft now enters the Explorer Yacht market with two new solutions that open up new horizons in the international nautical panorama. First is the revolutionary Zero Emission Mode hybrid propulsion system. The new hybrid propulsion system allows the craft to be managed in 5 different ways, easily controlled through a touch-screen display ranging from the traditional diesel function to the zero emissions mode, using different combinations of diesel engine, electric engine, inverter, batteries and generator. The 23 Long Range features the most cutting edge technology now on the market, offering owners the opportunity to select the propulsion mode that best reflects the needs of the moment – sailing in unpolluted areas with total respect for the environment, lying at mooring with zero emissions while accessing all the boat’s electrical facilities or entering and leaving port in absolute silence while creating no smoky exhaust emissions. The other noveltly is the new FER.WEY (Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht) trans-planing hull ensuring high hydrodynamic efficiency than other planing or displacement hulls, thanks to the innovative design of the depth surface, permitting the boat to avoid adopting the usual stern-down attitude when speed is increased. The new FER.WEY hull also reduces the typical roll experienced by displacement hulls and improves static stability by up to 50%. Its special design, with longitudinal tunnels protecting the props and a horizontal base on the bow bulb, allows the boat to rest on sandy bottoms and stay moored in locations subject to tides. The two technologies the hybrid propulsion system and trans-planing hull, combine and reinforce each other in a craft that offers a revolutionary design concept and solutions. The 23 Long Range is designed for spending long periods at sea in maximum comfort and total safety, backed by exceptional environmental awareness, the perfect mix of avant garde technology and Made in Italy design. The external lines are a synthesis of the Nordic work boat tradition and refined Made in Italy taste that Mochi Craft has skilfully expressed since 2003. In the interiors, the choice of prized materials, warm woods like teak and oak, natural fabrics and cutting edge design solutions redefine the concept of on board luxury and quality of life in the “expedition boat” market. The new 23 Long Range will be offered in a 3 or 4 cabin version with a 2 berth crew cabin aft and an optional captains cabin on top of the fly bridge by the wheelhouse. As for the performance, the new 23 Long Range offers the new innovative FER.WEY hull, which already offers great stability, but complemented by the Mitsubishi ARG, Anti Rolling Gyro System, which is worldwide exclusive to Ferretti which cuts roll caused by wave motion at anchor or under way by up to 50%, and stabilising fins, both mounted as standard. The 23 Long Range 23 is powered by twin MAN Common Rail power options, a 500hp and an 800hp version. Mochi is estimating cruising speeds of 13.5 knots and top speed of 16 knots, for the 800hp version.

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