September 7, 2007

Powerboat P1 - Belgium Grand Prix of the Sea Preview

Pen-ultimate round of the 2007 season, the Zeebrugge Belgium Grand Prix seem to be held at the pinnacle of this highly competitive P1 championship, where winning is going to be very important. The races at Cowes changed the championship charts with some additional surprises to add to the already high competitiveness of this season.
In Evolution Class, King of Shaves are still ahead but with OSG following nothing is sure. OSG had a very difficult season, winning only one race on the table in Malta. They had also a trouble race in Naples when there boat was sinking. Other important close contenders for the Evolution are and Lucas Oil Outerlimits winner of the last British Grand Prix. Italian Kiton and Fainplast had a disappointing season, with speed and good weather being the main concern for the 2 highly expected sister boats.
Supersport Class or should we call it highly competitive production class. Roscioli Hotels Roma after dominating for half of the season found themselves in 3rd place, 50 points behind leaders and UK Grand Prix winners Extremeboat and only 10 points behind Buzzi Bullet, standing at second. On fourth place we find Chinese entry Sun Lik Beer who also seem to have upped there game and speed in this closely fought final part of the season. Disappointment so far for Sunseeker Challenger, who don't seem to have found the right set up.

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