May 9, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Round Robin Concludes

The 4 Semi Finalists for the Louis Vuitton Cup
After a difficult start for Round Robin 1 due to little wind, the Round Robin 2 concluded today. With only 1 day without racing, funnily enough for strong Ponente West winds. Round 2 offered stable conditions in Valencia and the promise of the much mentioned sea breeze from the East started making it's appearance more often, with temperatures over 25 degrees. The 4 semi finalists have been chosen with no surprise, as the top four challenger's as at the end of the ACT's where confirmed. Still surprises have not been less in the 2Nd Round and fierce competition for the Spanish Challenger of Desafio for the much wanted 4Th place by the Swede's of Victory challenge seemed never ending. Oracle and later followed by Luna Rossa where the first 2 team's to have a guaranteed place in the semifinal. Superb performance for Emirates Team New Zealand who won all there races in Round Robin 2 and managed to obtain the much important top spot, which gives them the opportunity to choose their opponent for the semi final, a big advantage.
The second Round Robin also showed the bigger potential of the 3 top teams with less mistakes happening and really no surprise, accept for the defeat of Oracle at the hands of China Team due to a damaged sail by the American Team during the race.
Comments end of Round Robin 1 & 2:
Emirates Team New Zealand make up for the 3 lost races in Round Robin 1 by beating everyone in the 2nd Round improving power
BMW Oracle Racing defeated by China due to damage sail and New Zealand in the last duel for 1st place the bonus point the bonus point
Luna Rossa Challenge show better composure in Round.2, defeated by 1st/2nd ranked challenger in Round.2 challenge
Desafio Espanol 2007 get the much wanted 4th semifinal place a day before the end as planned
Victory Challenge miss the 4th place by a day, but still gain a place in the ranking improve
Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team started Round 1 well, went a complete downhill after that and fall to 6th disappointment
Team Shosholoza the wild card of the Rounds, gave a tight match to all teams competitive again
Areva Challenge better results in Round 2 but much work to do average
+39 Challenge when wind was over 10 knots they where looking better, nice win over Shosholoza better 2nd round
United Internet Team Germany a preperation for the next cup light improvement
China Team win top challenger BMW Oracle thanks to a sail damage during the race a win is a win
Round Robin 1 & 2 - Final Results and Ranking

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