April 30, 2007

Monthly News - April 2007

- Picture of the Month - Bruna Abbate Primatist Loris Capirossi Moto GP 

Alicante Doma International recognition

The prestigious international magazine Yacht Design has recognized the innovative design of the DOMA 7. This publication, with a long lived prestige internationally, has always been characterized by showing the most innovative designs of the world. There is no doubt, that this recognition for the DOMA 7 is a great starting point for this project, which continues with a solid progress towards its world premier next year.

Bruno Abbate Primatist Sponsors Capirossi and Capellini

United to win, Loris Capirossi and Guido Capellini will carry the Primatist logo in the MotoGP and Powerboat F1 Inshore championships respectively. Loris Capirossi and his Ducati will challenge the MotoGP around the world with the Primatist logo on the upper part of his gloves. Guido Capellini on his side will try to conquer his 10th Championship with his DAC Catamaran that peeks 230 km/h. The Primatist logo will be present on the helmet and the Catamaran. This partnership goes over the commercial agreement that both these world famous sportsman have, as both of them are friends of the Abbate family and both of them soon owners of a G 46 and G 53 Aerotop Pininfarina. Capirossi and Capellini will contribute to spread the Bruno Abbate Primatist brand in the world, thanks to sport values, what is the development of the constructor in a precise market segment of a range of high quality crafted sports cruisers and yachts.

Ferretti Yachts, Ferretti Custom Line, Mochi Craft Privilege Days 2007

Ferretti Yachts organises the fifth edition of the most exclusive event for Ferretti owners. During the last weekend in March, Cannes hosted the Privilege Days, the exclusive worldly event bringing together Ferretti ship-owners from all over the world. With this fifth edition, Privilege Days renewed the success of the previous editions, consolidating an awaited opening rendezvous of the summer season. Privilege Days represent an exclusive meeting opportunity for the Ferretti Yachts, Mochi Craft and Custom Line aficionados. Since the very first edition, Ferretti Yachts has been able to attract the attention and the appreciation of its loyal ship-owners. The components underlying the success of the event are in keeping with the characteristics embodied in every Ferretti, Mochi Craft and Custom Line yacht: refined simplicity, extreme care for the details and excellent building capacity. Norberto Ferretti, President of the Ferretti Group, and Fulvio Dodich, Managing Director of Ferretti Yachts, perfect examples of the Group's capacity to conquer and retain customers' trust, welcomed invites from all over the world to Port Canto. A portion of the well-equipped marina was reserved for the fleet of FERRETTI YACHTS, flanked by MOCHI CRAFT and CUSTOM LINE fleets. The colourful Dolphins, that launched the Italian lobster boat style, and the splendid yachts by Custom Line, a leader in the production of 29 to 34 m long maxi yachts, all lined up along the dock at the disposal of ship-owners and their friends. Guests were hosted at Martinez Hotel, and Saturday evening they attended to a gala dinner in the suggestive hall of the Palais du Festival. The evening was enlivened by a performance by Kataklò, the first Italian dance company staffed by Olympic class athletes, who staged a series of acts especially designed to express the essence of the values upheld by the brands. Thanks to the complete fleet on display and Ferretti's proverbial hospitality, Privilege Days 2007 gave all participants a chance to feel part of the Being Ferretti philosophy.

CRN - Historic Success Registered by Sales Office

CRN sold 31 megayachts between September 2004 and the present. Semi-custom maxi-yachts ranging in length from 29 to 43 metres accounted for 23 of the sales, while the 8 other vessels were fully customised steel ships at lengths of from 46 to 72 metres. These sales results were unprecedented for the Ancona shipyard, and probably for the entire nautical industry as well. During the last year, a total of 18 vessels were sold under the Custom Line brand, managed by CRN, in addition to 5 three-deck ships that are now part of the CRN composite fleet: 2 CRN 128’ vessels and no fewer than 3 of the CRN 43, a new displacement project whose first hull, sold during the previous year, shall be launched by the end of Spring. The eight steel boats sold are a 46-metre ship of the “Magnifica” line(#118), plus a 54-metre ship (#121), a 57-metre model (#122), a 60-metre yacht (#123), two 56-metre vessels, a 59-metre ship (#126) and a 72-metre mega-yacht (#124), this last the largest vessel ever built at the shipyard, and one of the longest ever constructed in Italy. Specialised in building steel and aluminium mega-yachts that can reach lengths of up to 80 metres, plus 40 and 43-metre composite maxi-yachts, CRN can point to a stellar sales record over the last three years. The shipyard is also looking to increment sales in the United States and North America, a zone to which a new Area Manager was recently assigned: Paul Madden, whose many years of experience selling mega-yachts have been added to the shipyard’s sales team, guaranteeing a skilled, highly trained presence in American territory. The constant attention paid to the shipowner before the sale of the vessel - and, even more importantly, afterwards - is one of the keys to the shipyard’s sales success, as demonstrated by the large number of repeated clients.

Fairline Hosts World First 100% Renewable Biofuel Demonstration in Mallorca

With an audience made up of the world’s media, Mallorcan VIPs, Politicians and boat owners, Fairline North Mallorca hosted the world’s first comparison demonstration of 100% renewable BioFuel-powered and Fossil diesel-powered boats on behalf of fuel technology company, Revego Ltd. The event took place on Wednesday 18th April at Real Club Nautico, Puerto de Pollensa, where two identical Fairline Phantom 46s, the first Phantom powered by Revego 100% renewable and Carbondioxide Neutral Bio Fuel and the second Phantom by conventional fossil-based Diesel fuel, were trialled alongside each other. Guests were able to assess first hand the potential opportunities offered by this alternative energy source and examine the technology system installations. Throughout the demonstration the BioFuel-powered boat performed without compromise, holding its own alongside the fossil diesel-powered Phantom on both speed and performance. Our guests today heard about the technology, saw its potential first hand and have gone away from the demonstration knowing that a choice of fuel for their boats does exist.

Grand Banks Yachts Announces Changes in Top Management

Grand Banks Yachts Ltd. today announced several promotions and changes within its executive management team. The reorganization is designed to better align key roles and responsibilities as the 50-year-old Company builds on two years of record sales. The changes, effective immediately, include the appointment of Rob Livingston to the role of Company President. Mr. Livingston will assume the leadership of daily operations for Grand Banks. He most recently served as Executive Vice President and has been with the Company for almost eight years. Grand Banks also announced that Peter Poli, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, will assume the additional title of Executive Vice President. Mr. Poli joined Grand Banks Yachts in 2004 and will now be responsible for the human resources and technology functions in addition to finance. Other management changes announced include naming Y.P. Wong, General Manager of Singapore Operations since , to the additional role of Chief Engineer. Engineering groups at Grand Banks factories in both Singapore and Malaysia will now report to Mr. Wong. Brent Perry, Vice President of Quality Assurance and After Sales Service, will now also lead the Company’s Development Group. Mr. Perry came to Grand Banks in 2006 with many years of design and manufacturing experience at several top boatbuilders, and effective immediately will serve as Vice President of Development, Quality Assurance and Service.

Horizon Group Wins

The Horizon Group proudly announces winning the “2007 Taiwan Superior Brand” contest on March 28, 2007. Horizon Yacht’s Chairman, James Cheng, accepted the award on behalf of the Horizon Group at the “2007 Taiwan Superior Brand Award Banquet”. The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) has commissioned a Branding Taiwan campaign executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in cooperation with the international brand consulting firm, Interbrand. Since 2003 the Taiwan Superior Brand Contest has been organized as part of the campaign with the goal of reinforcing and strengthening Taiwan's international competitiveness by encouraging industries to develop quality and innovative brand products. This year, the award has been assigned to two business sectors, one domestic brand and one global brand. The Horizon Group was one of the 15 global brand award-winning companies for its outstanding performance in research and development, product quality, branding strategy, and branding achievement. The Horizon Group appreciates the value of its brand and achievement in the international yachting industry today. Winning the award not only affirms but encourages our continuous efforts on the “Horizon” brand worldwide. Not complacent of current achievements, the Horizon Group will continuously reinforce global recognition by providing superior quality and high performance “Horizon” yachts with outstanding customer service.

Horizon Yachts have US Congress Members Visit

Vision Yachts was happy to host a visit for US Congress delegates representing both Republican and Democratic parties. The purpose of the visit was to get a better understanding of Taiwan's economic environment and majoy industries. The United States are a very important market for Taiwanese yachts. With the Horizon Group being a leader of Taiwan yacht builders, the delegation came to visit the Horizon Group to learn about the industry. The visit was arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Marketing Center of the Horizon Group. After the visitors' arrival at Vision Yachts, the Marketing Center gave a brief introduction of the Horizon Group describing the history, organizations and facilities of the shipyard. Vision Yachts showed videos about the construction process and current advertising plan. The highlight was a factory tour during which representatives of Vision Yachts guided the delegation through the yard and on board different vessels to view the building process. The visitors were impressed by the professionalism and organization of the yard as well as the state-of-the-art designs. This visit truly succeeded in enhancing the business relationship between the US and Taiwan

Pershing Yacht win Croatia Boat Show Trophy

Lights over water in Split for Pershing, a Croatia Boat Show Trophy winner. On April 22, the ninth edition of the Croatia Boat Show came to an end, celebrating a significant increase in terms of visitors, press representatives and the quality of exhibitors.This is an event that is becoming more and more well known in the Mediterranean, thanks to its spectacular setting in the unspoilt beauty of the Croatian coast and the growing synergy between the Show and the city of Split. Pershing took part in the show, displaying a series of models from its fleet, namely the Pershing 90’, 62’, 56’ and 46’. These craft were immediately welcomed by the public as four of the most prestigious craft on display, a response that was later made official when the Pershing 90’ was awarded the "Croatia Boat Show Trophy", a prize offered by the Yachts Adriatic magazine. This was yet another award for a model that continues to bring visibility to the top segment of the Pershing range, thanks to its highly unconventional personality and captivating design. As happened with the Pershing 90’ that once again, succeeded in making its mark and winning yet another international award.

Pershing 72 Sea Show

The Pershing 72, Sea Show four-leg tour, opened in Split, Croatia on April 20, organized by Pershing to present its latest gem. On April 28 and 29 - coinciding with the Palma International Boat Show – Pershing will unveil its revolutionary new craft, the Pershing 72’ to dealers, customers and brand aficionados with a series of events including sea trials, meetings and an exclusive gala dinner..The star of the Sea Show, to be held at the Real Club Nautico in Palma, is naturally the Pershing 72’, a craft characterised by the innovative design of its exteriors and the luxurious elegance of its “Poltrona Frau” interiors. After Palma de Mallorca, the Sea Show will move onto Italy where it will stop in Venice from June 14 to 17 and then continue to Athens from June 28 to 30 to complete the tour.

Sunseeker International honoured by Queen´s Award

Sunseeker’s flag will be flying high following the announcement today that the company has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s most prestigious awards for business performance. Presented in recognition of substantial growth in overseas earnings and commercial success, the Queen’s Award is an independent and prominent endorsement of the company’s sustained achievement in international trade to levels that are considered outstanding for the size of Sunseeker’s operation. Winning the Queen’s Award for the fifth time, Sunseeker increased its exports by over £50 million in three years from 2003 to 2006. Practically all of the company’s production is exported and it now sells to over 40 countries worldwide. Main markets are in Europe, the Far East, the USA and Australia. In the three years 2003 to 2006, its exports have totaled over £510 million and the company has created 291 additional jobs.

Sunseeker employee stashed parts for his dream boat

After four years as a Sunseeker employee, heling to build luxury powerboats in Poole, Dorset, James Light began collecting items to build his own dream boat. Seven years later he got caught and lost his job. Yesterday he pleaded guilty at Bournemouth Crown court and was given a suspended sentence plus 200 hours' community service. Police, who raided his lock-up garage found some 700 boat parts worth £55,000 - mostly electronics. Detectives were at a loss to explain how Light had sneaked all the parts - including a four-foot radar pole and a widescreen TV - through security at the firm's premises.

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