August 5, 2014

Project: Outer Reef 530 Trident

Outer Reef Yachts announces the launch of an exciting new model range, the Trident Series. This new series boasts a notable departure from Outer Reef’s classic product lines that have come before her. Developed in cooperation with Setzer Yacht Architects, the Outer Reef Trident Series embodies a unique synthesis of stylistic innovation, technology and functionality. The attractive plumb bow hull design, chic styling elements, and new length options are introduced with the 530 model. The series also offers superior performance, heightened speeds, and enhanced fuel efficiency, representing only some of the many features that lend to her appeal. In addition, the Trident Series will maintain the valued benefits of safety and efficiency, and as the other Outer Reef will be built to CE Category A-Unlimited ocean category. With these valued attributes, and born from market demand, twelve Outer Reef Tridents have already been ordered from plan and rendering designs prior to her official launch. The first 530 will make her world debut at the 2015 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The Outer Reef Trident Series, as a production series, will uphold Outer Reef Yacht’s high quality manufacturing and customer service, while yielding two things: an attractive price point well below the competition, and an enhanced specification. Differing from the company’s previous semi-custom product lines, the series offers her owners the flexibility of three attractive interior palettes including modern, transitional, or traditional elements, in combination with three layout configurations. The innovative features of the new series continues to impress throughout the engine room, equipped with twin Cummins 550hp engines and pod drives as standard, which allows the 530 Trident to cruise economically, comfortably and safely at 10 knots, with a fast cruise speed of 18-20 knots and attain a top speed of 28 knots. Cruising speed and efficiency is greatly increased by a newly designed hull, that performs like a planing hull at a higher speed, yet is very stable and seaworthy at slower speeds with her patented Tri-brid semi-displacement design. Even with resin infused technology, which guarantees perfect resin to composite ratios for weight savings, the 530 Outer Reef Trident Series still weighs in at over 26 tons at half load. This is a robust displacement for a yacht of this size, hinting a solid construction a quality for which Outer Reef Yachts has garnered a fame for. The new 530 Trident will pave the way for additional length offerings including larger 650 and 750 models.