October 24, 2021

Web: Princess New Web Site

World famous British brand Princess, which is currently the top production motor yacht builder in the United Kingdom updates it's global virtual showroom to a new version. Princess was founded in 1965 at the time named Marine Projects and launching a 31 feet motor cruiser. From the early seventies and for thirty years Marine Projects also owned sailing boat builder Moody, in this period developing forty models and selling over four thousand units.  In 1981 Princess will make an important move hiring Bernard Olesinski to design the 30DS model, who since then has designed all Princess models hull shape.  Interesting to note that the 30DS will be one of Princesses best selling models, with over five hundred units sold in a ten year production which also includes the flybridge version released in 1987. In 1983 Princess enters the open sport cruiser market with the Riviera line, first is the 286 model, followed by a 36, with the larger being the 46, and smallest the 266, with seven Riviera models being made from Princess till 1994.  Following from the Riviera in 1995 Princess present the V series line of open sport cruisers and yachts.  The V series is distinctive and modern with its Italian design inspired integrated windshield radar arch and straight lines, and starts with the V39 and V52 models. The V series expands into integrated hard-top design first with the V65 launched in 2000, and its largest model to date is the not still produced 2010 launched V85-S.  Currently the V-series offers six models from the V40 to the V78.  In 1996 Princess launched the Metre line of flagship motor yachts, first with the 20 Metre, then 22 Metre.  In 2001 Princess enters the 24 meters plus super yacht size with the 25 Metre, flagship model and largest build of the time. Another important Metre model will be the best selling 23 model. In 2011 Princess pushes more into super yacht launching the M class line, first with 32M, which is followed in 2012 by the largest Princess to date and composite boat ever build in the UK the 40M. The M series which had a total of four models including the 35M and 30M, this smaller M being the newer and last model in the line, was dropped in 2020.  Princess is since 2008 owned by giant French investing company Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Group Arnault, previous to this it was owned by Renwick Group from South Africa, owners of the British boat builder from 1981 till 2008. The Princess current line up offers 21 models in six different lines; X Class, Y Class, F Class, S Class, V Class, and R Class. The current entry level model is the R35 while the flagship is the X95. Princess new web site takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Our Craft, Experience, About Us, Contact, Store, and Careers.  Princess is also on social media; Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube with a link at left bottom of the entry page.

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