June 1, 2014

blogger - Prepared or Not

Since the recession has come and go, the current year seems to be one with the most momentum, where I am seeing brokerage boats finally stabilizing in price. It will be interesting to see if the European market is prepared to a similar demand of a decade ago.
As it is boats take time to build, and in the last few years not much has been constructed, and most of this went to other places other then Europe. The market might be at an interesting spot if the right ingredients fall into spot, and just as in the nineties we might see used boats in good condition and with name selling for good prices. 
This current good momentum can be stopped with two things in my mind. 
The conflict in Ukraine getting worse then it is and involving other countries, and last but not least the problem of berths involving boaters favorite areas. The circle has increased and unlike a decade ago today we also have Croatia which is in the circle of favorite Mediterranean places. Sicily is still trying to get its hold on this, and Sardinia has not much places left where to put marinas in its admired and expensive North East area. Greece is still a mixed area, and the South of France remains a favorite along Spain and its Balearic Island for most Northern boaters settling in the med. Italy remain a home affair, mostly thanks to its expensive marinas, high fuel cost, and bureaucratic systems. Corsica has been a big surprise in recent years fueled by Italians who increased the visit to the island during July and August, thanks to its half prices less compared to Sardinia, and the cheaper fuel.

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