September 27, 2012

Boat Show - Genoa 2012 Preview

It's been a hard year for most of the Italian builders especially for the smaller companies who cater for the more internal market.  So this 52 edition of Genoa's boat show from the 6 to the 14 October comes in very troubled waters for an industry which apart the global slow down in economy of the last couple years, the high prices of fuel third World highest in Italy, come with a demagogic look twisted by politics that yacht equals tax evasive.  Surely a sad aspect considering the size of the Italian boating industry largest in the World, and how many families actually take bread and water from it.  From here I hope that this 52 edition of the Genoa boat show brings a turn around to this, and most important to leave boat builders to work and owners to enjoy the yacht.  The novelties in this difficult 52 Genoa boat show are the following; Austin Parker 36 and 64 Fly, Azimut 43 Magellano HT and 76 Magellano, Azimut 54 and 84, AB Yachts 78, Vismara M/Y 56 Navetta, Magazzu MX-11 Coupe and MX-13 Coupe. As is usual most novelties presented in other fall boat shows will be shown in Genoa.

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