April 1, 2018

blogger - Not the End

Broom boats from Brundall who has been active in the nautical industry for about 120 years has declared it will stop producing boats. This follows news in the fall of 2017 that the company stopped doing brokerage.  Broom declared that it will concentrate on the rental charter side of the business.
It is a disappointing state of affairs as Broom was a company which stuck to the original British aft cabin motor boat cruiser design, which in the eighties developed into a hybrid of offshore inland water use, with semi planning hulls.  The Broom legacy is huge and even today we have companies like Haines who have mirrored the design way of the Brundall boat builder.  In the eighties we also had Fairline and Princess who had competitive models in this segment such as the 36 Turbo from the first, and the 414 or 435 from the later. 
Broom leaves a vacuum, as while in 2017 and 18 we have the British build Princess and Sunseeker breaking new sales records with its Italian inspired designed cruisers and yachts, the look of these boats have nothing British about them.  Sure the market is what it is, and the demand for sleek looking craft is what customers want, but the versatility of a Broom or Haines and its more possible usage in Northern Europe is undeniable, and while this market has slowed in the UK in Northern Europe it still is active.
Broom is not entirely dead so until the name keeps on doing something, being it boat rental there is still hope for it to return at some point to production.  Some of Broom recent designs, where really cool, like the new entry levels 30 Coupe and 35 Coupe they recently launched which had innovative details for the segment.  There is also Haines who keeps on producing Broom inspired designs and have grown not little in recent years, now the direction of the original British motor boat cruiser is in there hands.

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