May 16, 2017

Project: Numarine 78 HTS

Numarine, the Turkish Istanbul yacht builder is delighted to unveil a new project the 78 HTS.  This new HTS is an evolution of the 78HT and retains the existing modern and strong signature design, while benefiting from a completely new comfortable sport flybridge with central upper helm station and four beautiful sun-pads with tilt/recline backrests. The new 78 HTS also hides a new “Silent Package” that utilizes a system of lithium-ion batteries along with a smart energy management system and an intelligent multi-stage air conditioning system. In simple terms, this allows to sit at anchor the entire day and run all electrical systems including air conditioning, audio/video, appliances, etc. with the generator running only for a short charge at midday which results in a complete silence while enjoying the sea at anchor. More importantly, after a short charge in the evening before going to bed, the Owner and his guests will be able to sleep in cool cabins without any noise except perhaps that of their peaceful snoring. This technical solution, along with the relentless efforts by Numarine Engineering to reduce all sources of noise, vibration and harshness, has made this 78 HTS a new benchmark for comfort on board, both in navigation, with luxury car noise levels, and when moored or anchored. Probably the quietest series-built yacht in its class today, with 66dB in the lower deck area at cruise speeds.

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