September 10, 2016

Web: Rizzard New Web Site

The builder of Rome, Rizzardi presents its new web site.  Founded by Gianfranco Rizzardi in 1974 it started first as a boat support service structure in the central and Southern Tyrennian sea.  Still keeping its important service structures, Rizzardi eventually moved into construction in 1978 launching its first model the Rizzardi 40 in that year, with a range that expanded to include the 50 and 45 models in the end eighties.  In 1993 Rizzardi was the first to start making group in Italy when the company took over the then in financial problems Posillipo.  A legendary brand in its own right Posillipo was founded in 1943 by three friends; De Salvi, Curatolo,  and Casa. In its glorious and successful story, Posillipo will create legendary wooden sport boat runabouts to the still sought after super strong 42 Martinica and 47 Tobago, and the into the future Giovanni Zuccon designed Technema models which started in 1978 with the 65 and still continue as at today.  In the seventies Posillipo was regarded as the main Riva competitor. Rizzardi  Group currently features two brands; Posillipo four flybridige yacht models from the 77 to 122 Technema, and Rizzardi open; 48 IN, and 57 TL.  Rizzardi new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Yachts, Fleet, Service, Preowned, and Contacts. 

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