December 16, 2015

Engine: MAN V12 1900hp

MAN engines showcase their most powerful high-speed four-stroke diesel engine to date with the twelve-cylinder V engine with 1900hp bearing the distinctive name V12-1900 and was specifically designed for use in luxury yachts of over 100 feet. The complete redesign of the injection, power train and cooling system has allowed MAN to achieve an increase in output of 100hp compared to the established V12-1800. With installation dimensions of 2,139 mm x 1,153 mm x 1,265 mm; length x width x height, the V12-1900 comes in the MAN Engines customary compact size. At 2365kg dry weight and as a result of the increase in output to 1900hp, the most powerful series engine from MAN Truck & Bus has an outstanding power to weight ratio with a high power density and compact installation dimensions. This therefore gives architects and boat builders significant room in terms of design. A maximum torque of 6,220 Nm, at 1,200 to 2,100 rpm, makes the V12-1900 the most powerful engine to date in the MAN Engines portfolio, thus delivering ample output reserves for overtaking fun when piloting luxury yachts. The high-performance unit generates its power from 24.2 litre displacement ensuring high power development even at the lower end and right across a broad speed range. The even and constant acceleration delivers a pleasant and comfortable ride right through to the upper end of the speed range. The special design ensures very smooth running and thus provides a relaxed ride, adding to the comfort on board. At its optimum, the specific fuel consumption of the V12-1900 is at the same low level of 190 g/kWh as its heavier sister model, the V12-1800. The V12-1900 is MAN's response to the issue of increased performance for both planning and displacement hulls. 

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