September 13, 2015

Web: Airon New Web Site

Airon Marine presents its new World wide web showroom.  Airon Marine by Paolo Molinari is one of the boat builders which reside on the Lake Como, a hub for some of Italys finest medium size sport cruisers builders. The story of Airon Marine started in 1976 when Paolo Molinari at the time aged 25 years builds a 36 feet wooden boat in collaboration with Walter Posca. It is the start of a journey which today sees one of the few semi-custom builders offering medium sized cruisers.  Today Paolo Molinari is joined by his sons Camillo and Tommaso.  Airon Marine current line up offers twelve models which start with the entry level cuddy sport cruiser 235, and go up to the 5400T-Top project.  Versatility is key to any Airon Marine and for example one of its most popular models the 4300T-Top is offered in four different lower deck layouts.  The same is to be said of the 4700T-Top, while the 4100T-Top has three lower deck choices.  Airon Marine new website is available in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese languages and takes you around with the following buttons; Video, Story, Dealers, Services, Range, Second-Hand, Custom, News and Events, and Contacts.         

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