May 10, 2014

Web: Riviera New Web Site

The biggest and most famous Australian boat builder updates it website to a new generation platform. Located in Coomera on the Queensland Gold Coast, Riviera was founded in 1980 and since then has built an important milestone of over five thousand boats, this number reached in November 2012. Rivera was founded by Terrey Hills and its first model was the 38 Mk.1 a flybridge motor cruiser. A year after to this in 1981 Rivera moves to Queensland and sells a total of eight boats.  In 1983 an important market opens to Rivera selling its first boat in the USA, and two years later to this the same thing is done in Europe.  In 1985 Rivera produces its first 52 model what will be its flagship largest build up until 2002 when Rivera produces the 58 Enclosed Flybridge. In 2005 Riviera also launches its first Sport Yacht model the 3600 a range which will be an important success for the down under builder. In 2008 Rivera launches its new 70 Flybridge flagship, a model which in 2012 will expand to the 75 Enclosed Flybridge. Also in 2012 Rivera presents its new SUV model series with the 445 a hybrid style boat drawing inspiration from sportfishers and the enclosed sport yacht series. Since its founding Riviera has had important ownership changes; with a management buyout in 2002, and Rodney Longhurst taking the reigns in 2013. Currently Riviera builds a total of fifteen models in three ranges; Flybridge, Sport Yacht, and SUV which start with the 3600 Sport Yacht Series II, and go up to the 75 Enclosed Flybridge.  The latest Rivera is the 50 Enclosed Flybridge while two models; 515 SUV, 53 Open Flybridge are still in project stages and set to launch in 2014. Belize is also part of Riviera since 2012 and this range builds two models; 54 Daybridge and Sedan. Rivera new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Contact Us, Find A Dealer, About Us, Owner Support, News, Newsletter Subscribe, and Events. Riviera also features its social media pages; YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tweeter, and Linkedin with button links on the left bottom of the page.

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