March 30, 2014

Web: Zeelander New Web Site

Zeelander from the Netherlands presents its new World wide web virtual showroom. Zeelander was founded in 2002 by passionate yachtsman Sietse Koopmans in Zeeland, a province located in the South West of the Netherlands. In 2008 Zeelander launched its first model the Z44 designed by renowned Dutch designer Cor D.Rover. Zeelander currently builds its models at the S2 Tiara factory in Holland Michigan, United States of America.  Currently Zeelander has launched two models the Z44, and the Z68, and has two other projects in the works which are an intermediate model the Z55, and a new super yacht flagship the Z164. Zeelander new web showroom takes you around with the following buttons; Z44, Z68, For Sale, Owners Service, News and Events, History, and Contact. Zeelander also features its social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube with a link located in the right bottom corner of the page.  


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