October 20, 2013

Web: Overmarine Mangusta New Web Site

A new web showroom for renowned status symbol sport and super yacht builder Overmarine, famous for the range of Mangusta big open boats. Overmarine was founded in 1985 by the Balducci family and in few years time the Italian, Viareggio located boat builder became a symbol of the big open sport yacht.  Since the early days Overmarine Mangusta models have nearly all been designed by Stefano Righini, today the Italian is one of the most famous world renowned yacht architects. Overmarine Mangusta currently features twelve models from the 72 up to the still in project 215, divided in three lines Maxi Open, Displacement, and Custom Division.  The latest Overmarine Mangusta is the 94, launched in mid Spring 2014, with a second unit following suit in Summer.  Currently Overmarine Mangusta has some new important models in the pipeline; from the 46 Oceano in advance construction stages, to another 42 Oceano project presented recently to the 110, and 132 of the Maxi Open line.  The new Overmarine Group on-line showroom is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; The Group, News and Events, Media, Carefully Used, Networks, Newsletter, and Contacts.  Below to the main tab is also  buttons for the three Overmarine Mangusta ranges.  Overmarine Group can also be found in the social network with a link located in the bottom of the page fors its; Vimeo, Facebook, and Youtube pages. 

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