September 27, 2013

Boat Show - Genoa 2013 Preview

It was the year in Italy, where the government formed in a wide centre left and right coalition past Spring has been changing the ways towards what was did in the past, redevelop the damage made by a mindless legislation aimed to find tax evasion.  As usually happens and Italy should know better as it already got a lesson from this in the nineties the result is the opposite.  Once bitten twice shy says the proverb, and at least this time it took only a bit over one year to start changing the ways, instead of the ten in 1991.  The 2013 Genoa boat show starts with more indications towards a respect for the Nautical industry with the opening from the current prime minister announced, and also a revision of the code being in plan which should reduce bureaucracy to the boater.  Some more things are needed for the Italian nautical sector to return to the levels it had in the past decade, from a more competitive marina pricing to a reduction in its fuel costs which are among the most expensive globally speaking, being always around the two Euros per litre in recent years.  In this boat show not much new novelties are announced which shows how the legal ways of the past two years have brought the still open of the Italian firms to there knees.  This boat show being Italy home to many firms has usually many novelties as much if not more to Cannes. But outside what was presented in Cote D'Azur a month ago, this year the world first should come from Uniesse bringing its new 49HT a revision of the admired late nineties presented 48 Open and powered with pod drives, and Sessa showing its new S42.       

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